The English Always Were Sneaky

FILE - A British soldier walks at the gate of the Royal Air Forces base in Akrotiri, near the coastal city of Limassol in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Thursday, April 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

Not many hours had passed after I published my commentary “Elections and Turkish Faits Accomplis” – in which I noted that “this column and this newspaper is concerned about the course of Greek-Turkish relations” – when the United Kingdom’s Minister of State for Europe and the Americas issued an unacceptable statement.

A statement that was unexpected by all – unless the Cypriot government had some indication – a statement that shows the magnitude of the problem we are facing.

So, in his …

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  1. The Heading reads…. ” THE ENGLISH WERE ALWAYS SNEAKY”

    Diamantaris ..tell us something most of the world hasn’t known for the last 4 centuries that these sneaky Anglo White Supremacist racist colonized the world with their form of cultural class rule of the Non- Anglo countries of the world which considers all independent countries of the world inferior and unable to manage their countries…and demands , like the current U.S . empire,.the surrender of their economic assets, political policies, and military defense to their control to plunder like pirates their assets!

    The secret you should tell, is how the corrupt governments of Cyprus and Greece, are nothing more than hired managers for Britain , U.S , Turkey, and Nato to continue to serve them and their interests ..not Greeks!

    It is not sneaky,. when British maintain military bases on the shores of Non Nato Cyprus and launch war crimes bombings of Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen without the permission of the people of Cyprus , and subjects them to retaliatory catastrophic war!

    It isn’t sneaky, when the rulers of Cyprus didn’t know this, .and then allow the British Royal family.. and their Prime Minister May to visit Cyprus and tell the people of Cyprus , that “THEY” not the Cypriot leaders can assure all Greeks that they are not threatened by the actions of the Sneaky English!

    Their is no country of the world who would tolerate this …only Cyprus!

    Close all British bases ..and unite with…

  2. I suppose you prefer the druid misograecist Turk sympathists Frank Gaffney and Justin McCarthy and how Irish gladly colunteered in 1853 to jojn their Gaelic cousins in the Crusade Against the Heresy of Photius. Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. Those beholden to notions of autocracy complain about Perfidious Albion or Masturbatory Byzantism, as well as the diverse pluralims of the similarly democratic, ever-questioning, peope of India and Israel. The Jewish God welcomed his prophets questioning his vengeance, instea dof the arabated “Pisteve kai mi erevna”. The Anglosphere is the rightful heir of Byzantium. Byzantium was criticized by the autocrats because it was entangled by democratic and lawful process. The Brits, Jordanians and Jews brought down the Ottoman Empire and those who despise them are merely nostalgic for their own lost Ottoman francises.

  3. If I understand you, the God,.I worship in my Greek Orthodox Church, would want Greeks to be ruled by the British , Jordanians , Jews.who with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.have for the last 25 years used religious fanatics of these countries to kill 3 1/2 million human beings in the Middle East, because they are not compliant to the Religious Sunni Muslim doctrines of Saudi Arabia ..where “Freedom of Religion” does not Exist, and for Israel , Britain , and U.S who piggyback on the funded wars of Saudi Arab,, and Turkey to take control of the Middle East oil and land!

    Lakis, it is obvious that you are one of those white supremacist members of the Secret Society of Greek Ahepan Masons and apparently a follower of the fanatics of “Zionism” who would like us all to believe that God supports the murder of his children in countries,.who to my knowledge have not attacked anyone in over 200 years!

    I have a scoop for you. these leaders in Israel, U.S, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey… only use religion to incite wars and to have ignorant people believe they are dying for the greater good of these countries to fulfill Biblical prophecy!

    The problem is,.they believe.that God intends to destroy our kingdom ..not his …and incite Nuclear Armagedan!

    I have another scoop for you, Christ died destroy death, however, he also died to make sure we remember .how to live in peace!

    Lakis,.you should prefer Christ, .,not the British Barrabas!

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