Sixth Vintage Toys Exhibition Returns to Gazi on April 12-14

(Photo:Facebook/Vintage Toys)

ATHENS – True to its annual April rendezvous with innocence and nostalgia, the 6th Vintage Toys Exhibition is returning to the Athens Technopolis in Gazi on April 12-14, allowing young and old to encounter and reconnect with the distant days of long gone childhood.

The exhibition has now become a fixture that attracts ever more visitors to the Michanourgio gallery in Gazi each year. The exhibits range from old, coin-operated arcade games, such as NBA Jam, Subbuteo, the early video games and many others.

Like the 2018 exhibition, which attracted a record 9,000 visitors, this year will see a full range of toys dating from the 1970s to the 1990s on show, as well as presents, surprises and a dj set.