Questions about the Tsipras-Maduro Relationship

(AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

The leader of the official opposition returned to his country where tens of thousands of people welcomed him, as well as diplomats from the countries that recognize him as the Venezuelan interim president.

The Trump administration increased economic sanctions in Cuba as a punishment for the aid it continues to provide to Maduro.

Everything indicates that this situation cannot continue.

The time of the great explosion seems to be approaching.

And while all this was happening – and much more – on February 24 …

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  1. The only question …is how do the Greek people of America and Greece….indict Mr. Diamantaris an accessory to crimes against humanity and distorting and continuing to contribute to the International crime spree of the U.S..which includes supporting a Regime change war crime of the independent countries of the Venezuela by fascist members of the U.S government and EU.

    Only demented white supremacist consider Greeks inferior species, who cannot comprehend the corruption of that Mr. Diamantaris is a payed agent of the state department of the United States, to make the enemies of a bunch of fascist ..the enemies of all Greeks!.

    Diamantaris ..assumes that all Greeks are stupid ..and do not know that Niclolas Maduro the legitimate and elected leader of Venezuela..and who former president Jimmy Carter has stated…runs “the most transparent and free elections in North America”, and thus in support of fascists in the Eu and U.S…. wants to suggest to Greeks,.that Tsipras must be a bad man.because Maduro is a despicable dictator and oppressor of the people of Venezuela, by the way is supported by the Vatican, and except for Anglo Australia… all the Asian and African countries including Chinat, and except for aparthied state Israel , one of Diamantaris sponsors ..most of the EU, and over 50% of the countries of latin America!

    Diamantaris..shamefully, leaves this out..and also, applauds relationships with Saudi Arabia!..

    1. Diamantaris.. it is time that your lies to support fascist policies that have killed 3 1/2 million people in the Middle East …make you an accessory to murder!
      It is time you are held accountable for crimes against humanity and peace, in support of white supremacist aristocrats, like Mistotakis!….

      Alfred De Zayas , the human rights investigator designated by the United Nations to report on the situation in Venezuela reported his findings to the UN. against TNH and U.S.

      “I would also like to see the prosecutor of the International Court investigate to what extent the number of deaths related to the sanctions imposed by the US – amount to a violation of article 7 of the Statute of Rome – it defines crimes against humanity.”

      “When you deliberately impose sanctions and social blockades – effectively an economic war that asphyxiates a country economy and make it very difficult for that country to provide food and medical supplies, the consequence is that thousands die – you have a case of crimes against humanity.”

      De Zayas continues –

      “But the narrative in the mainstream press completely ignores it – when they refer to a humanitarian crisis they put the entire fault on the government and they say – well socialism is a proven failure, therefore, you have to have regime change.”

      Now we know why and who destroyed the economies of both Greece and Turkey..because Mr. Diamantaris supported it remove the elected socialist of Greece!

      I hope you sleep well…

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