Greek College Graduate Expats Should Give Back

To the Editor:

There are countless examples of successful graduates from colleges and universities in Greece, where they obtained their education for free, who have immigrated to other countries and have excelled in their respective fields.

Their education in Greece was paid by someone else – the Greek taxpayer, and possibly someone who could not afford to pay the non-tuition expenses (such as rent of an apartment) for his or her child to enjoy the same education.

Surely, these graduates consider their Greek education a right, and legally do not owe a dime to anyone. But as educated, civilized persons, should they not be a bit more sensitive and realize they have some moral obligation?
Since as expats they do not pay taxes in Greece, shouldn’t they give something back to the taxpayers, who paid their way in the first place?

Perhaps they could establish somewhere in the world, in Greece or elsewhere, an Endowment Fund, whose proceeds could go to research at Greek institutions, to pay for students’ post-graduate studies, or for student housing. Whatever amount the person in question can afford.

For such a plan to come to fruition is hard work, because first, people have to realize that they are not the only ones who have ever had dreams, goals, and desires. But once they realize that, it will be a truly wonderful thing.
Helping others is what allows us to shed our primal nature and become truly human, discovering the happiness of giving.

I hope this letter stirs some patriotic sensibilities.

Constantinos Lycoyannis

Elmsford, NY

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  1. I have a better idea. Let’s start by having the present and past student / graduates give back to the Greek taxpayer by painting the hideous facade and help repair / tidy up the dilapidated grounds and facilities which they themselves exploit and exploited. Then privatize the university(s) (monies go back to Greek taxpayer) to attract students from all over Europe who will willingly choose to PAY for Greece’s outstanding academic reputation and geographical location.
    Collective charity, which is what “endowment funds” are for all practical purposes, and more regurgitated socialism will only go so far…see Greece.

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