Greeks Reject SYRIZA’s FYROM Name Deal, New Democracy Lead Steady

FILE - Photo by Tatiana Bolari/Eurokinissi.

ATHENS – Anti-nationalist Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras’ deal to let the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia keep the name of an ancient abutting province and be called North Macedonia is still anathema to Greeks.

A survey by the MARC polling firm for the Proto Thema newspaper showed 64.5 percent oppose the agreement, up 2.5 percent from a previous survey before FYROM approved it.

The agreement is aimed at ending a 27-year name feud that began when a New Democracy government in 1991 allowed the new country emerging from the break-up of Yugoslavia to use the name of Macedonia in a temporary acronym.

But after successive FYROM governments kept claiming Greek lands – including the real Macedonia and second-largest city and major port of Thessaloniki – Greece used a veto as a member of NATO and the European Union to keep its neighbor out, both which would be lifted if the deal is ratified by both countries.

That has already been done by FYROM, which also voted to change its Constitution to remove irredentist claims on Greek territories and is due to come to a vote in the Greek Parliament in March, 2019, when Tsipras’ junior coalition partner, the pro-austerity, marginal, jingoistic Independent Greeks (ANEL) of Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said they will vote against it and leave the government.

Many Greeks are still worried that the use of the same name by the neighboring state could lead to territorial claims, said the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The poll also showed that Greece’s main opposition conservative New Democracy party, which also opposes the deal, leading SYRIZA by 11.2 percent, a margin 31.2-20 percent.

The center-Left Movement for Change, led by officials of the former PASOK Socialists who went defunct after backing austerity measures antithetical to their alleged principles, were third with 7.1 percent, followed by the ultra-extremist right-wing Golden Dawn with 6.5 percent, although all its 15 lawmakers and 68 members are on trial on charges of running a criminal gang.

Fifth in their traditional spot, which has barely varied for decades, was the KKE Communists with 6.2 percent. No other party, including three now in Parliament – ANEL, To Potami, and the Union of Centrists would hit the 3 percent threshold needed to get back.

Some 72.2 percent of respondents said that they would prefer snap elections in case Kammenos leaves the government as he has threatened to do when the FYROM deal comes to a vote in Parliament in March, although he said he wouldn’t stand in the way of the deal nor bring down the government, allowing him to have it both ways, his usual modus operandi.


  1. The people have spoken …3 times….remove Nato and U.S from bases in Greece, get out of the EU, reject EU suicidal economic loan package, and stop the identity theft of the Greek Culture to Fryrom!

    Non of these have been complied with by Mr. Tsipras and Syriza….. and therefore, …they lied to the people of Greece! This.only ….are acts of treason and fraud ….which demand criminal prosecution.and impeachment!

    Additionally, ….. it represents gross dereliction of duty…by the representatives in the Parliament of Greece…to protect the interest of the financial stockholders of Greece….the people ….in failing to impeach and remove Mr. Tsipras and his ruling party from their offices in Greece!

    Therefore….the people of Greece are in the same position, similar, …to the American revolution against the British rule…… “Taxation without Representation”…. and therefore, …. it is the patriotic duty….of all Greeks to not pick up any guns to remove these traitors…but simply….withhold any monies to the State, until the state itself …complies with representing the will of the “People of Greece”!

    Today, Mr. President Orban of Hungary….. was elected by a landslide …to represent the people of Hungary…and now Hungary faces economic sanctions from the EU….for representing why he was elected…. to stop the immigration mandates of the EU!

    And that is the heart of the problem of the current government of Greece…. they are no more than a cover for the real rulers of Greece…. Anglo White supremacist racist from England, and the United States… who believe that Greece and Cyprus …. are still colonial possession of theirs!

    And that is why…. they have been represented by Mr. Tsipras and the ruling party of Greece….. not the people of Greece…to fulfill their wishes!

  2. As a follow up to my post ….and why Mr. Tsipras should be immediately removed from Office…to stop the bleeding of Greece.. one must understand …. why Hondurans are fleeing from honduras… and are marching in a caravan to the borders of America….which Donald Trump promises to stop this migration by military force …if necessary!

    The Freedom and Refounding party of Honduras (Partido Libertad y Refundación), under the direction of former president Manuel Zelaya, who was overthrown in the 2009 coup, released a statement in response to the statements made by US officials. It said,

    “You all, along with Donald Trump, backed the monstrous electoral fraud of November 2017 and the violent repression unleashed against the protesters, many of whom were assassinated and others who today are still kept as political prisoners. [All this was while] knowing that it is Juan Orlando Hernández himself who is responsible for looting the State, for the disastrous state of the economy, of violence, of insecurity and impunity that without a doubt are the roots of the profound crisis which forces our fellow countrymen and women to flee.”

    What are the conditions like in Honduras?

    Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. More than 65% of the population lives in poverty with 40% struggling in conditions of extreme poverty. It is also the second most unequal country in the region.

    Since its founding, Honduras has mostly been ruled by conservative governments in service of the United States and its imperialist interests. It is home to one of the largest US military bases in Latin America, Palmerola, which has served as a strategic launch point in the region to quell dissent.

    Today, another member of the Anglo White supremacist racist of the U.S empire… Angela Merkel …the chancellor of Germany and the EU…elitist….has announced…that she at the end of her term …will not be a candidate for office…and is leaving the political forum of Germany! Additionally, if snap elections are demanded ….she will not be a candidate for election! The reason….their is no belief in the integrity of her government!

    Honduras …. is the prototype….of how Mr Tsipras and his party ….are representing not Greeks but Anglo White Supremacist from the EU, United States and England…and you can add Canada and Australia…all former Anglo white Supremacist brothers and tenants of the Royal Family of England….and explains their … cooperation in bombing Syria, libya, Iraq, etc etc.

    Today….the victims of the U.S coup of Honduras …like those in libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia. Cyprus, etc etc…HAVE CREATED THE MIGRATION CRISIS OF THE WORLD ….AND RIGHTFULLY SO….THE WORLD IS MARCHING ON THEM …..and only traitors like Tsipras… allow their victims ….to march into Greece …not the United States! Only traitors like Mrs. Merkel…. allow their victims …to march into Germany and the rest of Europe…to destabilize and destroy the economic and cultural fabrics of Europe!

    Yet , smartly , Mr. Orban ..of Hungary did not allow this debacle of sending the collateral damage of the middle east by the United States and Nato…to Hungary…and he will reman in office …unlike Mrs . Merkel.

    Before …MR. Tsipras continues to put more U.S Bases into Greece…and make it the biggest US. base in the Mediterranean…to quell the dissent of the Greek people…. like it has done in Honduras….and continue a compliant foreign policy of erasing the culture of Greece…on behalf of its other masters..the EU and Nato…snap elections should be immediately imposed ….and Mr. Tsipras…should do the honorable Mrs. Merkel….remove himself from the candidacy for re-election and remove himself from any active part of the government of Greece!

    If not ….. then the haunting words of the former president of Honduras…will someday be said of Greece…as her people ..continue to march to flee to England and America…the perpetuators of their march!

  3. Kalimera Michael..another good background report, all true sad to say…If Greece would have left the EU and the Euro at the start of the crisis the hardship would be just about over from it all, but they stayed borrowed even more and, despite the rosy picture are not out of anything, 40-60yrs to pay off the debt and really get back on track…by then who knows what the world will be like or what could happen, wars, financial collapse in other nations, global warming etc…50-60yrs from today will be unrecognizable from today, yet greece might look the same a backward 3rd world country run by idiots ftom the left and right the last 60 yrs all as stupid as the one before …

    Out of the EU.

    Out of the Euro – Replaced by the Digital Drachma.

    Out of NATO – No Foreign Bases..
    (Greece’s paltry $3.6b spent on defense yearly since SYRIZA came in, down from a $6.b yearly budget before the left, “LEFT” Greece defenseless, has to be raised to $15.b for a few years to catch up)
    Staying with the Military theme, time for all women turning 18 to become conscripts 3 yrs service. It works in Israel, Norway, it can and will work in greece.

    More Greece made products of every kind.
    Less imports // more exports…

    The Entire Northern Border “WALLED” Militarized Defended..

    No entry for fleeing peoples that are just using greece for a stepping stone..
    And on that note Deport all illegals ASAP, Including the 700,000-1,000.000m illegal Albanians and others..

    This is just a start but can and will work..
    No party left, center, right will do it, because they all are against greece, no more patriots only money hungry stooges..and as usual greece suffers, been 2,500 yrs since her greatness, this rate 2,500 more til even one thing on the list is done.

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