Letter to the Editor: Criticism for Menendez

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. (Photo: TNH/ Kostas Bej, file)

To the Editor:

Given the propensity for the National Herald to rail against corruption, I was surprised to read your ringing endorsement of Senator Menendez, who was severely admonished by a unanimous bipartisan vote of the Senate Ethics Committee for “knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from Dr. Melgen without obtaining required committee approval” and “failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate rule and federal law.” The gifts included private flights and nights at luxury hotels, among them a villa in the Dominican Republic.

In addition, your article does not contain any indication that you invited his opponent, Robert Hugin, to state his views on the situation regarding Greek issues or to counter the arguments Menendez raised against him. You endorsed Menendez in a knee-jerk fashion simply because he has supported Greek issues. I expected better.

Your endorsement of an individual whose ethics strongly resemble those who have brought the Archdiocese to its knees, whom you rightfully pilloried, rings false.

Nicholas C. Billows
Ocean, NJ


  1. Well said Mr. Billows……. but what you left out…is Mr. Menendez is also promoted by the fraudulent Secret Society called Ahepa….who made him a member, not to promote Greek interests ….but their Glory to America….Mason members!

    It is the promotion of these fraudulent Secret societies…. TNH…has “legitimized self appointed representatives of our Hellenic values”…who continue to promote and maintain as Members of the fraudulent secret society….. those who represent the exact opposite of Greek and Hellenic values….and therefore, expose their real service….as financial prostitutes not to Greek interests, but to the Glory of America Mason interest!

    The real crime …among TNH and mainstream journalist…in promoting Mr. Menendez…..is to now ….”Legitimize Public Corruption ” in our government and organizations! To highlight this…the New York Post …banner headline the next day…was ” Menendez Toxic to Democrates”…..who for the first time in a generation…the party in power …would indict a fellow party member!

    Of course…. TNH and Mainstream media….have already “legitimized War Crimes” by the degenerates of our government …in Iraq, libya, Syria, Afganistan, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Somalia…etc etc and the dropping of one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world ..by the U.S military!

    And Mr. Billows…. could not had said it better….how you and your evangelical masons…have delegitimized your campaign of truth, Justice and the American way….. in your onslaught of alleged corruption by the Archdiocese of North America!

    Which explains…your narrative in support of C.I.A Evangelical Pastor Brunson …who was running a safe house for Kurdistan, and Al Queda terrorists in Turkey …in support of Mr. Menendez’s , as chairman of the foreign relations committee’s…. pet project of funded proxy armies to overthrow the government of Syria…and in so doing….killing thousands of Orthodox Christians in Alepo and Damascus, Syria!

    In the end…Mr. Menendez…. will probably be sadly…the senator of my state…because TNH and the media …have proven they are very capable of fooling …an apathetic public …and representing 78% of the population consider the U.S government corrupt thru and thru! And it is this reason ….and not the Russian Collusion and Meddling Narrative that got ….Donald Trump elected!

    Maybe TNH…. can try to serve the public…by not concealing that the degenerates in our government are rapidly marching us into castatrophic Nuclear war…to represent their efforts to control the sovereegnty of the world! And you can start …by highlighting what the tearing up of an International treaty and Agreement with Iran …really means for the World!

    And you can now add …what a degenerate Sadist…like John Bolton …has done to threaten the security and peace…of the American people , but the world ….in informing Russia….that they have pulled out of the Nuclear Treaty ….they have with Russia, and includes ….no first strike agreement …. which means the United States …is free to launch nuclear warfare …. not in response to Russia launches…but anytime they wish!

    Add that to the fact …that Bolton …who is a sociopathic murderer of humanity… has also informed the UN….that the U.S government , no longer recognizes the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court at the Hague…the body that prosecutes the leaders of the world for war crimes against humanity…and in fact…will wage economic warfare against its members…if they pursue ….a war crimes list which requires an entire novel against the U.S …which TNH has not told you!

    So TNH…stop promoting your Greek Secret society of frauds…and start promoting the interests of Americans and Greeks …. to prosecute those for crimes against peace!

  2. Hear, hear Nicholas!! I usually support elected officials who support our community. But Senator Menendez is just plain crooked and corrupt. He does not represent our values and ethics as a community and most Greeks I know in New Jersey want nothing to do with him. Senator Menendez belongs in jail, not Congress.

    1. Well said…in jail …but like Hillary…he is part of the hijacked government ….running a protection racket for their servants!

    2. Today, Mrs Merkel …will no longer be part of the German government because she has violated the will of the people …. and with her ruling party have been rebuked! Unfortunately, on the contrary, Senator Menendez ..could care less about his corrupt record…which should have him in jail ….but then again …we have a society….. that only cares about how much money they make….not on how it is made! This is highlighted by the current corrupt leader of Greece …Mr. Tsipras … who is as pathetic …and Robert Menendez and TNH!

      Now , If Mr. Tsipras, the little dictator of Greece and Governor of the state of Greece, and Menendez …..would honorably, resign from office and political service in Greece ….. immediately…. and have the imposition of snap elections to put new leadership in government ….who will represent the people of Greece….not the secret society of Aristorcratic elitist of Greece and America!

      Mrs. Merkel … fully understands she has not only violated the will of the people ….relative to her EU immigration mandates which she imposed on Greece and other of the EU members….which were not in the interests of the people of Europe…but those of the U.S. and Nato.Thugs…. to find a place for the victims of their Regime change foreign policy of the countries of the Middle East and Europe!
      But has been a non-compliant leader of a country …to the demands of the U.S degenerates….to not cooperating in imposing economic sanctions against both Iran , Russia , and China…which included the outrageous demand …that they buy oil and gas from the U.S….not Russia or Iran …and sabotage a contracted Norstrom Oil and Gas pipeline from Russia …which would secure the oil and gas needs of the people of Germany….at a cost far less than any U.S fracking oil!

      Additionally, Mrs. Merkel …has been working with other members of the EU …to circumvent the economic sanctions on Iran ….related to the U.S tearing up this international agreement …….by substituting the U.S dollar exchange in the Swift banks…. which is the universal currency of trade between countries with alternate currencies between Iran , Russia and China! The economic warfare …which is simply part of the continued world war 3 plans of the United States on the world …is being severely challenged by more countries who recognize ….the our government is now …no more than another fascist regime ….on the march to control of the independent countries of the world…like Greece!

      To add insult …Mrs. Merkel …has joined Russia, Turkey, and France …. in recognizing that Dr. Assad and the people of Syria…have defeated the Anglo White Supremacist proxy armies of Saudi Arabia, the United States , England, and Australia…. to overthrow the government of Syria…. and are now making plans to end the war …without the United States…who clearly wishes to continue the suffering of the people of Syria…in order to salvage their criminal war ….by partitioning Syria in the current area… they are occupying in the last stronghole of ISiS and Al Queda….who have been driven out of most of Syria …by Russia and Syria!

      Importantly, Mrs. Merkel …has already signed off as part of the agreement ….that Syria will remain whole …and that their is to be no partition of its territory …like Cyprus by the United STates and England!

      Stay tuned….false flag bombing …will ultimately be used …to sabotage this agreement….but in the meantime ….Merkel …has just told the U.S ….that your unilateral control of world affairs …. is no longer ..;needed ….and go home ! The world is looking for countries …who make peace ….not war!

      So Mr .Tsipras… if there is anybody, beyond Mrs. Merkel …. except probably the entire corrupt government of America….who deserves to be removed ..it is you!

      Importantly, any candidate who runs for office in Greece …. should have on his platform … the following policies…which Mr. Tsipras reneged on ….in his election campaign!

      The immediate removal of all foreign military bases from Greece (including U.S )….which by their presence…..is illegal and implied support of their military actions which may be war crimes and crimes against not only the people of other foreign countries , but crimes against humanity , as we have seen in Iraq, libya , Syria and Yemen!

      The withdrawal from Nato …who with the leadership of the United States ….no longer acts as a Defensive alliance….but an alliance …to wage wars against countries of the world ….who have not attack1ed or threatened a Nato member! Importantly, the only threat to Greece …is a Nato member Turkey.
      Withdrawing from Nato … will also be justified …in responding to the cultural identity theft of Macedonians… which allows the U.S and Nato to add another base in the balkans to threaten …Russia….and just adds another reason for Russia …to ultimately defend itself from the encroachment of Nato forces on her borders ..and violation of the treaties in 1996…which prohibited expansion of Nato into the former republics of the old Soviet Union! Additionally, the U.S has now withdrawn from the SAlt 2 treaties which prohibit offensive Nuclear capable Intermediate missiles in Europe … which will allow them to put these missile in Nato countries of Europe like Italy or Poland! Now you know …why it is imperative that the people of Greece…demand their withdrawal or become sitting targets of one of Russia 7500 nuclear tipped warheads…in response to Nato countries alligned with the U.S.

      All this has been kept silent ..not only by the U.S media ..but the European Union controlled media…in order to conceal the reckless foreign policy of the Aristocrates in Brussels and Washington…which can only lead to catastrophic Nuclear war and the devastation of Europe!

      So in summary. Greece needs Snap elections right now…to stop Mr. Tsipras and Syriza…who have sold out the people of Greece ….or maybe not? Only an election which includes a candidate ..who will follow the highlighted policies …. can be elected …if this is the will of the people of Greece!

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