Greek Anarchists Stage Acropolis Protest to Back Koufodinas

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ATHENS (AP) — Greek anarchist activists have staged a peaceful protest on the ancient Acropolis in Athens in support of a convicted far-left terrorist serving multiple life terms for a string of murders.

Members of the Rubicon group unfurled a banner in front of the 5th century B.C. Parthenon temple Thursday, accusing the government of trying to “assassinate” Dimitris Koufodinas, a November 17 group member who is on hunger strike to demand a furlough from prison.

They caused no damage to the site, and no arrests were made.

Koufodinas was convicted in 2003 of belonging to November 17, which assassinated 23 people, including Western diplomats, between 1975 and 2000. He is serving 11 life terms.

Koufodinas has been granted two brief furloughs from prison over the past eight months. His third application was refused.