Letter to the Editor: TNH’s Trump Coverage Is Mostly Negative

FILE - President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Friday, April 13, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

To the Editor:

You have the nerve to complain about President Trump not giving “proper” time to the Greek Independence attendees at the White House?Maybe if you were not there, he would have.

Are you not aware of the insulting articles about the president in your newspaper? You prefer to give nonstop coverage – in articles and photos – to the Greek prime minister, who is an atheist and lives with a woman out of wedlock, with whom he has two children, and who has lied to the citizens of Greece over and over. I don’t blame the student at the St. Demetrios School in Astoria for not shaking hands with that phony of a prime minister.

Given the letters to the editor you publish, such as by William Vafakos, do you actually expect attention from President Trump?

Thank God for Constantinos Scaros and a few others who are interesting to read. You should be ashamed.

Jim Vardakis

Bayonne, NJ


  1. I have recently posted comments on other articles about how I believe that it is good for the nations of Greece and Cyprus to try to have decent relations with both the United States and Russia. And today’s useful letter from Mr Vardakis illustrates the domestic equivalent of that principle: It will be best if we in the Greek diaspora living in the United States can have good relations with both our Democratic and Republican political parties.

  2. Oh, and add that Tsipras and his communist common law wife named his kid after Che Guevara….and yet the Greek Americans wet their pants in happiness about all things Greek, so low is our collective self-esteem. Trump is a New Yorker and should be pre-disposed to having a good impression of Greeks until we embarrassed ourselves at every level, lately while protesting America at Suda Bay, trying (again) to topple Harry Truman’s statue and with the St.Nick’s abomination.

    Greeks ought to BEG the Trump Organization to finish the project like he did with Wollman Rink. My guess is we’ll settle for a Dimitri Home Construction like deal similar to what happened to the disastrous Greek Embassy in Wash DC, which used all “homies” as contractors and still can’t get the construction approved after 8 years or something and it remains unoccupied.

    Big Fat Greek Failures.

    1. Wow, Spiro,you have addressed much anger here at so many things regarding modern Greeks. It seems that you are among those Greek-Americans low in “self-esteem.”

      For the record, I will say that I myself am also troubled about the St Nicholas Shrine crisis, I hope that Tsipras is defeated in the Greek elections, and I was disgusted over the small, but fanatical mob of Greek Communists who tried to topple the Harry Truman statue.

      But return, please, to what should be the main point here on this thread: Do we try as Greek-Americans to focus on supporting only one US political party while fiercely opposing the other party, or do we see the wisdom of seeking constructive interactions with both?

    2. Hey, Yanni. What’s the point?

      The point is to have a set of values and propagate them and be consistent and strong. Then “they” come to you.

      Anger, yeah, anger is my middle name when it comes to looking at the clown show that is our church and our ancestral home.

      Your advice column is nonsense and leads nowhere.

    3. If you dislike BOTH our church and our ancestral home, then what is your goal from appearing on these pages? To spread tension and dismay everywhere?

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