Greece Lets Turkish Warship Pass Through Corinth Canal (Video)

Without explaining why during a time of growing tension and fears of conflict, Greece’s ruling Radical Left SYRIZA-led coalition and military officials allowed a Turkish minesweeping vessel bearing Turkey’s flag pass through Isthmus of Corinth.

The passage through the canal in the Peloponnese which lets ships connect to the mainland came just after a three-day national period of mourning for a Greek fighter pilot killed when his jet crashed while returning from a mission to intercept Turkish jets who invaded Greek airspace and with Turkey pushing more provocations.

There was no response from the government or military nor any explanation what the Turkish warship was doing and where it went but the incident was captured on a video posted on the Internet by local media.

It showed the TCG Anamur crossing through the channel as crowds of locals and tourists look on. While it’s not the first time a Turkish vessel has crossed through the isthmus this time the ship used the flag of Turkey, not of NATO, to which both countries belong but has said the prospect of a conflict between two of its members was not of concern to NATO.