The Hopeless Nattering Nabobs of Never-Trumperism

This week’s column is about: 1) some observations regarding a small but odorous element of the Republican Party; and 2) flawed rationale about why Joe Biden is not a racist.


In 1970, then-Vice President Spiro Agnew famously referred to President Nixon’s political critics as “nattering nabobs of negativism.” I’ve adjusted that phrase for 2020 to describe some feckless, shameless, self-serving and utterly detestable Republican rats, hedging their bets in case the president fails to win reelection, hoping that their pathetic irrelevant careers will somehow be magically resurrected because they distanced themselves from him. They are the Nattering Nabobs of Never-Trumperism, and that’s being kind.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that every Republican critic of Trump is despicable, or even deserves criticism. There are principled Republicans who, for one reason or another, cannot bring themselves to support the president. For example, there are staunch, unyielding Cold Warriors who wish that Trump would take a harder line against Vladimir Putin. They also want to see the U.S. continue to expand its footprint on the globe with increased military presence just about everywhere. Then, there are free-trade purists who cringe at the thought of any tariff. Finally, there are social values conservatives who, although happy with Trump’s stance on abortion and his choice of judicial appointments, would rather see him behave more like his vice president, Mike Pence, who says he won’t dine alone with a woman who’s not his wife, instead of being a thrice-married, twice-divorced womanizer. All of these folks should be respected for their sincerely-held beliefs, if not for their awful strategy, as the only viable alternative to Trump is a 78-year-old who on his most conservative day barely brushed up against the political center, and who’s now incapable of fending off the radical left that hijacked his (Democratic) party. Nonetheless, bad judgment deserves conversation and consultation, not condemnation.

Instead, the Republican whores to whom I refer are political has-beens, still incapable of understanding exactly why the nation cast them aside in favor of Trumpism, and hoping that Trump goes down in flames so they can capitalize on the moment by having publicly rejected him ahead of time. No more an appropriate poster boy for these hypocritical Never-Trumpers comes to mind than Mitt Romney, the failed 2012 Republican presidential nominee. In one of the most laughable and eminently unsuccessful political maneuvers, Romney fancied himself an elder statesman and addressed the nation in that manner, warning of the danger of electing Trump president. A short time later, when Trump won anyway (Romney couldn’t sway the public otherwise? What a shocker!), Romney crawled to Trump with hat in hand, practically begging for the chance to become Secretary of State. No such luck, Mitt. Soon enough, Romney went back to attacking Trump, subsequently from his perch as U.S. Senator from Utah, and continues to fantasize about the chance to “salvage a splintered Republican Party” that the president purportedly would leave behind once he’s voted out of office.

Of the scant few sincere non-Trump Republicans left, many have realized, and lament, that their party is gone; Blue Dog Democrats realize the same thing about theirs. Like it or not, folks, this is a choice between a tweeter-in-chief ready to get down in the mud over the slightest sleight versus the inevitable tearing down of the Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore, and possibly the Bible because it, too, looked the other way on slavery. But Romney and his clueless band of political misfits (John Kasich comes to mind) and their media messenger boys (like George Will) really think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hades that when Trump’s gone, Americans will again turn to leaders whose passion is junk bonds and nation-building, not to mention who join the Open Borderists in turning a blind eye to PHIs (Persons Here Illegally), all in the name of cheap labor. That explains their unscrupulous betrayal of the president in a desperate last chance to be relevant again. Don’t hold your breath, weasels.


This week’s second topic is the absurd rationale about why some in the black community would accept Joe Biden: “because he allowed a black man (Barack Obama) to lead him.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think Biden is a decent human being and never once did I think he was a racist. In fact, I think the Cancel Culture’s standard of “racist until proven otherwise” is intolerable, and so do most Democrats (except they don’t realize that type of thinking is fast becoming the rule, not the exception, in their hijacked party). Therefore, I’m happy that they’ve concluded Biden is not a racist, even if their reasoning – because he allowed himself to be led by Obama – is quite buffoonish. We’ve already mentioned political whores in the first segment. What, then, might prevent a racist from swallowing his or her pride for the chance to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, and to have a springboard to run for that office one day? Biden is a classic case: his first two presidential runs were listless – he never would’ve been close to having become the Democratic nominee had he not been Obama’s VP. Again, in no way did Biden think: “I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and answer to a black guy,” but to suggest that someone would allow himself to be led by a black person for the chance to be vice president is proof of non-racism is quite delusional. To put it another way, if I had a nickel for every KKK member who might jump at the chance to have been Obama’s VP, I could buy dinner for two in an upscale Manhattan restaurant. I wouldn’t say “I could retire” because, thankfully, the KKK has only about 7000 members left!

So, stop your double standard hypocrisy, Cancel Culture! Admit you’re giving Biden a free pass (he deserves one on this issue, in substance) because you have an incurable case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and, more generally, tremendous difficulty grasping reality.


Information we receive can be categorized into that which we already knew without being told, and that which we otherwise wouldn’t have known and now have to use our critical thinking skills to determine its accuracy.

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