Hellenism Is Awakening

Around this time 47 years ago, Hellenism was watching with bated breath the events in Cyprus.

The situation back then was of course very different than it is today. At that time, the protagonists of the crisis were the President of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios and the Greek junta.

Then, the Junta’s coup against Makarios gave Turkey the excuse to invade it had long been waiting for.

Today, 47 years later, Turkey is creating a new series of faits accomplis, from the Aegean to Cyprus.

Its unilateral, “decided and ordered” faits accomplis push a possible Cyprus solution even farther away, if not into the realm of the impossible, as the Cypriot negotiator recently stated.

Until now, the attention of Hellenism has been focused on the great problems of our time, the pandemic, the economic crisis that results from it, and the challenges in the Aegean, where Turkey’s actions have surpassed all previous provocations.

But today, however, Hellenism has begun to wake up to the catastrophic developments in Cyprus.

Now the perception is forming that it is not only Greece or only Cyprus that is threatened: it is Hellenism as a whole.

And now the organized Greek community is beginning to mobilize, to react by sending letters to President Biden and elsewhere.

This is a first step, at which, of course, Erdogan will not even bat an eye – although Turkish officials may start screaming about ‘the Greek Lobby.’ But this is a necessary first step, which can lead to other actions.

Even to demonstrations.

It is wrong to underestimate the influence these actions have on political power. The voice of the people is very strong. And the louder it is, the greater its influence.

The point is that it must be accompanied by serious and dynamic actions on the political fronts.

And this must also be done with the coordination of the forces of Hellenism.

Actions must be taken on a timely basis – not after the fact.

We know Erdogan's plans very well. He has announced them several times and we should know by now that he does what he says, indifferent to international pressure.

The main responsibility, of course, lies with the Cypriot government. It must take a leading role. It must call on the Cypriots of Cyprus to demonstrate – as well as the Hellenes abroad.

Cyprus knows that it cannot rely on UN resolutions.

Success will follow only if it stands tall. Only if it mobilizes Hellenism will the powerful of the Earth be forced to turn their attention to the unacceptable plans of the Turkish President.

For many years, for decades now, we have bowed our heads and accepted, almost without protest, the steps of the Turks against us.

This can only encourage them, and thus speed up their plans.

Look at the arms race they have undertaken to ensure military superiority over Greece and Cyprus.

That speaks volumes for itself. It says it all. It shows exactly where they are focused.

Don’t you think so? If not, you might consider reading a bit of history…



A great struggle needs a great leader to succeed.

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