An Interview with Chef Panagioti Karathanasis, Age 9

GLEN COVE, NY – Panagioti Karathanasis is an excellent chef, you may not know him yet, but you will definitely find out soon. Although Panagioti is just 9 years old and is in the third grade, he already has his own cooking channel on Youtube.

Panagioti lives in Glen Clove on Long Island, and from a very young age he showed a great fondness for cooking, as his proud mother, Stacey, told The National Herald. Panagioti’s recipes that are “yumtastic” (this is his own, favorite word and means "super delicious") are available on YouTube: and on his Facebook page.

Panagioti will be very happy if you subscribe to his channel and you will not regret it. His recipes are simple and original, you can try to make them together with the youngest members of your family and his videos are very funny and entertaining. TNH thanks Panagioti for the honor of interviewing him and we wish him many Michelin stars!

TNH: Panagioti, suddenly this March, you stopped going to school, like all the children in our State, because of COVID19. But you did something different than playing on the computer or tablet. Do you want to tell us about it?

Panagioti Karathanasis: I always wanted to make my own YouTube channel but I never had the time, because after school I did a lot of activities. But when we had to stay home from March 13 and stop going out, I thought it was a great opportunity to start my own channel, Chef Panagioti Karathanasis.

TNH: And why did you want to create your own YouTube channel?

PK: I really like cooking since I was very young and I wanted to have a channel to show what I cook.

TNH: How did you learn to cook?

PK: I learned to cook from my mom and grandma's recipes.

TNH: And what interests you about cooking?

PK: I like to mix different ingredients and when I cook I have a good time, I have fun.

TNH: What do you like to cook the most?

PK: I like to cook fish and seafood, octopus, squid, shrimp.

TNH: How do you feel about having your own cooking page and your own channel?

PK: I feel excited because I really like reading the comments that others leave about my cooking.

TNH: How do you make videos for your channel? Do you want to tell us the process from the beginning, how you think about it, how you organize it and how you create it?

PK: I make it the way it comes to mind.

TNH: So, how does it come to your mind?

(At this point, Panagioti got tired of answering questions and his mom helped for a while)

Mom Stacey: First, he chooses the recipe and after we make the video he tells me the information he wants to add, for example when he peels potatoes, and that makes it difficult for him, he tells me at that point to include a sign that says "ten hours later" and after that the potatoes appear, all peeled. He has a lot of humor by nature and always finds what works to add to the video during editing to make the video funnier.

TNH: Have you made your own recipe?

PK: I haven't made a recipe of my own but I change the recipes and make them different. Sometimes I add extra ingredients and they become yumtastic!

TNH: What do you want to be when you grow up?

PK: I want to be a chef. I want to have a lot of restaurants that are close to a lot of people so they don't have to drive far to eat well.

TNH: What will you cook next week?

PK: I will cook pastitsio and Greek salad and I will donate it to those who work at Glen Cove Hospital to thank them for all the sacrifices they make for us these days.

TNH: Will you share your favorite recipe with us?

PK: Yes, it’s the ice cream sandwich and you can see it on my channel.


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