Cyprus Wants EU to Take Migrant, Refugee Overload

FILE - In this Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017 file photo, migrants from Syria walk towards a refugee camp at Kokkinotrimithia, outside of the capital Nicosia, in the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, File)

Cyprus wants the European Union – which has shut its borders to refugees and migrants, largely dumping the problem on Greece – to take some of those under protected status off the island and relocated to other countries in the bloc.

Cyprus’ Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides is drafting a letter asking the EU to help deal with the migrant overload as other countries reneged on promises to help take some of the overload and the European Comissioner in charge of migrants and refugees, Greece’s Dimitris Avramopoulos, saying he can’t take them to court because it’s a political hot potato for him.

Petrides said it’s time to end the “disproportionate burden on Cyprus” by establishing a redistribution scheme for asylum seekers throughout EU member states.

“The aim is to stop, at least to some extent, the disproportionate burden on Cyprus,” he said, the Cyprus News Agency reported, with no indication there was a response as the EU has repeatedly ignored pleas, entreaties and demands to take refugees and migrants.

Petrides, who made the comments at a public event in Larnaca, defended Cyprus’ record in dealing with migrants and refugees who, compared to the hordes who go to Greece, shun the island despite its proximity to the Middle East and Turkey, where they first go, fleeing war and strife, in hopes of reaching more prosperous countries in the EU.

He said asylum seekers on the northern third of the island unlawfully occupied by Turkey since a 1974 invasion, have been showing up in droves at Ercan airport in the north and then crossing into the south.

“This is indeed an anomaly due to the occupation,” said Petrides, adding that, “We are a country in the European Union that cannot control our northern borders and Frontex cannot patrol as in other countries, we cannot take measures taken by other countries,” referring to the EU agency that is charged with guarding borders.

Last month, the minister described refugees and migration as “national issues both for Cyprus and Greece” adding that the two countries were working together on a joint policy proposal to share with EU counterparts and the Commission which he didn’t outline or give specifics.

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  1. By the way… did I mention that the U.S is threatening to send their ISIS loyalist representing 2500 held in Syria back to Greece , Cyprus and EU, while also threatening price tariffs on Greece, Cyprus and EU.,.

    Additionally Nato ally Turkey is releasing 8000 Al Queda terrorist fighter of Turkey in Syria..escaping from I,
    Idlib, .under attack by Syrian forces into Greece, Cyprus and EU

    EU leaders leaders love this, because they say.. that the birth rate of Europe is too low ..and they need ..and get this..increase the labor forces for the future!

    Incredible ,the EU publically states that they have demanded that Greece take in thousands of Migrants to increase the population of Greece..when half of Greece is starving to deat .just to fill a labor need for Eu Member…and you ask..why Greece should get out of EU and Nato!,

    However unlike Mistotakis the EU and Washinton Puppet Mr. Orban of Hungary ..who supports the Populist of Hungary to protect their borders and represent therir interests , has responded by offering a $30, 000 incentive to young couples who produce more than 2 babies, to fill the need of Hungarians nationalist interest !

    How about that Anastasiades a financial incentive for meeting the EU population demands and beats taking in more illegal migrants made up terrorist loyal to Edrogan and Robert Menendez

    Mistotakis and Anastasiades, just cowards and traitors who will do exactly what he is told by EU and U.S, because he only works for them

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