Time to Transfer the U.S. Ambassador?

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

And who is not happy that Greek-American relations are going through one of the best periods in their history?

Of course, us Greek-Americans are happy. Both of our countries aligning their national interests and having the best possible bilateral relations can only count as positives.

Besides, the memories of the polarization – to a large extent artificial – that Andreas Papandreou cultivated against the U.S. almost purely for political reasons and which eventually hurt the interests of the Greek people – are fresh to many of us. The polarization certainly undermined, along with Washington’s anger over Athens’ apparent indifference to the crimes of November 17, Greece’s interests in Washington.

So, the last thing we want is to return to such harmful circumstances. For both sides.

I happily acknowledge that the Tsipras Government has made a significant contribution to improving the relations of the two countries – even though the policy of “give-them-everything-they-want” on some issues is not a policy one can agree with.

In addition, the Tsipras Government has also taken the anti-American card from the Greek Left. And that is another contribution.

Unfortunately, however, the American Ambassador in Athens, an intelligent and likable man, acts like a cheerleader for Mr. Tsipras, thus creating the conditions for a new difficult future in Greek-American relations, this time fueling the anger of Greece’s political right.

It is difficult to interpret this ambiguous behavior of the Ambassador as anything but reward for conveniences provided by Mr. Tsipras.

And this is not the first time the Ambassador is behaving this way. He does so during almost every difficult period when Mr. Tsipras faces criticism with regard to national issues.

But this interferes with the domestic politics of the country and violates a principle of international relations recognized for centuries – since 1648 when the Treaty of Westphalia enshrined the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

In this case, the American Ambassador seems to be buttressing the standing of the Greek Prime Minister in the face of public outcry raised by his visit to Skopje.

He appears to be trying to silence Mr. Tsipras’ critics by tossing holy water on them, baptizing his journey by declaring, “The Prime Minister’s visit to Skopje gives hope to all Europe for the strengthening of relations among its people.”

What does this mean? Whose hat is he wearing? That of a political analyst or that of the protector of Mr. Tsipras?

So, hasn’t the time come for the good Ambassador to be moved to another post before he causes damage to relations between the two peoples?


  1. The peripatetic Mr. Pyatt
    Of great fame like Wyatt
    Defender of the Balkans
    From indigenous Vulcans.

  2. So, TNH the propaganda voice of the Greek Secret Society of Masons featured on TNH front pages, and promotes , the likes of corrupt Ahepan Robert Menendez, an Israeli Senator of the United States, and Jeffrey Pyatt, the designated C.I.A ambassador, who works for the U.S state department , and make “his living” by coordinating the overthrow of the leaders of independent countries of the world, not compliant to US rulers… now admits that Alexis Tsipras has colluded with a U.S ambassador to represent the interests of the U.S fascist regime in Greece, and is meddling in the affairs of Greece!

    Additionally, Mr. Diamantaris states openly …that Geoffrey Pyatt continues to violate international laws relating to the internal political affairs of Greece, bypromoting Tsipras!

    No one should question, Diamantaris, who has Patrick Theros, the former U.S ambassador to the dictatorship of Qatar.. to consult with!

    Pyatt, who is featured on “You tube” in coordinating the regime change in the Ukraine to install a Neo Nazi leader in the Ukraine compliant to Mr. Pyatt’s and Ahepan Robert Menendez rule and was so successful, that he was sent to Greece to make Tsipras and Syriza compliant, but unlike the elected leaders of the Ukraine, libya, and Venezuela who refused to surrender their country to a fascist….Tsipras and Mistotakis have pledged their allegiance to U.S. interests… to stay in power!

    Diamantaris., wants Pyatt removed, but not the U.S, NATO, AND EU

    1. Well stated, Michael. When it was announced that U.S. Ambassador Pyatt was going to move from Ukraine to Greece after he and Victoria Nuland sponsored violent the coup d’etat in Kiev against the democratically elected government of the then President Yanouchovich many of us here in the U.K. knew that this did not bode well for Greece, and sure enough shortly afterwards Greece expelled two Russian diplomats allegedly for trying to thwart the Tsipras government’s ratification of the name change from FYROM to ‘North Macedonia’ thus allowing FYROM to join NATO. In the ensuing months Pyatt has made trips to Patriarch Bartholomew to support the granting of autocephaly to the schismatic Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate and to Holy Mount Athos to tell the monastic authorities there to curtail the activities of the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon there. Last month Pyatt ‘invited’ the journalists from Romfea.gr to his Athens residence to ‘caution’ them about being responsible journalists and be aware of (sic) fake new from Russia and to adhere to press responsibility and freedom. It is quite amazing that Pyatt has taken such a keen interest in Orthodoxy coming from a country where there is complete separation of church from state.
      The Tsipras incompetent government goes hand in hand with the authorities in Washington to control Greece’s foreign policy as they continue to do in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. Ukraine, Syria etc…

  3. If we need to find a different assignment for Geoffrey Pyatt, could he be some kind of US envoy to the EU? Then he can explain to them just what he meant in his most famous conversation, recorded in 2014 in Ukraine, when potty-mouth Victoria Nuland bashed the EU and he said, “Exactly.”

    1. Sending Pyatt to the EU…is like sending Pyatt to the headquarters of the the C.I.A . in Langley , Virginia, to explain to his masters, how he could improve on his assignment to overthrow the government of the Ukraine, and create a Civil war between the populace of Eastern Ukraine and the illegitimate Neo Nazi party installed by Pyatt and Nuland!

      John, let me remind you … Pyatt and Nuland were part of the U.S Envoy under Obama, sent to set up the government of EU CYPRUS….which would have been done without an approved referendum by the people of Cyprus, based on a constitution that would have left Turkey in Cyprus, and continue to make them guaranteers of the independence of Cyprus!

      No John… Pyatt,.Pompeo,, Bolton, Nuland, and the entire state department should be assigned to standing trial for crimes against humanity in front of the “International Criminal Court at the Hague” which by the way has already begun their probes as stated…

      The international court prosecutor’s office says it has “reasonable basis” to believe that “war crimes and crimes against humanity” were, and continue to be, committed by the U.S and EU member Nato forces in Afghanistan and abroad in other countries!

      And after sending the souless degenerate Pyatt, and Menendez with supporter Diamataris to the Criminal court, Greeks should reject fascism , and close U.S and Nato bases ..and get out EU!

      As an American, I have supported fascism by remaining silent to criminals. ..

  4. Pyatt has been supportive of Tzipras…someone who believes communists were on the right side of the cold war. Pyatt would no doubt be horrified if a Marxist like Tzipras was elected to President of the US. So obviously the only reason why Pyatt supports Tzipras is because Tsipras “anti-nationalism” makes him easily malleable to what he sees as US interests. (i.e. getting Skopje into NATO and promoting civic rather than ethnic nationalism in Greece)

    That said, National Harold is off the mark for singling out Pyatt. Pyatt is right in saying he not behaving any different than his government. The real issue isn’t Pyatt.. its rampant antihellenism currently permeating the .American establishment – BOTH conservatives and democrats)

    For years they virtually all, quite unethically, downplayed Skopians attempts to frame themselves founders of the Hellenistic period and irredentism. Most american “journalists” are still scrambling to find a new moral and historical narrative now that half of Skopians continue to claim themselves “ancient” Macedonians.(including attempts to narrate Greeks out of our history on false claims that we aren’t biologically related to ancient Hellenes)

    However this rampant anti-hellenism is not only an American problem alone. Globally people are behaving like this. Unfortunately many Greeks are cowards (especially on the left but not exclusively so) that don’t call out this unprincipled behavior towards Greeks on this Macedonia issue.

  5. Let me help you Baffled… based on International Gallup Polls of the countries of the world… the Greatest and most dangerous threat to peace in the world ..is the United States! The Russian Bear…is not even in the top 10 counties with Israel coming in at number 5!

    The United States maintains occupation with 800 bases in 80 counties of the world, while Russia has 1 base in Syria! Today , unreported, is that the populace of many of those countries with U.S bases want them out!

    The latest news form Okinawa as of today…is that another Japanese resident of Okinawa has been stabbed to death by a U.S soldier. who then killed himself! The people of Japan and Okinawa have been doing for months , what Greeks should be doing, demanding the removal of a foreign occupier!

    It is not Russia, but Nato led America, who makes the Jackal and Greece., invade, bomb, commit war crimes and occupy the populace of Afganistan, Syria, libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and now accelerating the destruction of the world by fabricating false narrative, to make the enemies of white supremacist aristocrats …those of you and Greece to impose their Protection racket like those of 1930 mobsters..who would tell legitimate business owners that they needed the mob to protect them from created enemies, and they could operate their businesses, if the provided money and allegiance to the mob…if they refused ..they were bombed!

    That is Pyatt and America ..why are you so baffled.?

    1. “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
      And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

  6. Baffled.. spoken like a true Nazi party member of Germany and the white supremacist masons of the fraudulent Greek Secret Societies in America in pledging allegiance to their fatherland!

    Baffled… like your funded ISIS and Al queda fanatics who use “In God “(Allah”) is our Trust” line, just before they ignite one of their vested bombs to take over another piece of the world for their just cause!

    The ISIS terrorist of the west , Ahepan Mason Menendez, Cruz, McCain, Graham , Clinton and your Brave C.I.A assassins who also believe they have a just cause ..to allow people like Pyatt and Nuland to destabilize countries of the world, create massive destruction and deaths to make your fascist Aristocrats richer and more powerful

    Baffled., you are simply another Greek Mason cult member of the Greek Secret Societies sponsored and promoted by the Editor of this TNH ..who for the “Glory of America” have lost all sense of decency and morality!

    What you need Baffled is a real 6 month rehab in a Christian monastery to perform an exorcism of your soul and reeducate you to why we Christians worship and trust Gods words and principles, not those of evil freaks in our government!

    Please tell Peter, when you reach the gates of Heaven, how you trusted in God, by joining the “Just Causes of the U.S fascist regime to conquer the world to save them from themselves!

    Unfortunately, accessories to crimes against the people of God will not save you or Pyatt!

  7. I would ask that you publish my original comment in its chronological sequence: first received! Thanks, Colonel Dino G MOURTOS

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