Larnaca Among ‘Telegraph’s’ Oldest European Cities


Larnaca joined a handful of cities in Greece on the “Daily Telegraph’s” list of Europe’s oldest cities. In an article published in the mass UK daily, Larnaca is billed as standing on the site of ancient Kition/Citium.

The paper reminds that the site was colonized by both the Achaeans from the Greek mainland and the Phoenicians from what’s present-day Lebanon.

Facing to the east and the coast of the Middle East, Larnaca is touted as a significant port for millennia in the eastern Mediterranean.

Moreover, the “Telegraph” lists the modern-day resort city as the birthplace of Zeno, the founder of ancient school of Stoic philosophy. Landmarks cited by the paper are the cathedral of Aghios Lazaros (St. Lazarus) and the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque.

A slightly pejorative reference as a place for “cheap” holidays is the only criticism in the piece.

Greek cities on the list include Athens, Thebes and Argos, all dating back to Homeric times and beyond.