Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun Presents Online: When We Went Electronic

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When We Went Electronic will be presented online by the Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun beginning on April 23. Photo: Skye Morse-Hodgson

ATHENS – The Tank Theater, one of the most influential off-off Broadway theaters, chose the Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun as the platform to present the online premiere of its latest project by Tank artistic director Meghan Finn. The play, When We Went Electronic, critically acclaimed by The New York Times, was part of the Frynichou Stage of Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun's original season. It was scheduled to open in June 2020. The two organizations made the joint decision, due to COVID-19, to show it online, through the program, Art Theater - at Home - Too. The play is available from April 23 on the Art Theater's official website, with a symbolic fee of 3.5 euros (3.77 USD).

When We Went Electronic is a new play by Caitlin Saylor Stephens, directed by Meghan Finn, with songs by Caitlin Saylor Stephens and Sarah Frances, and starring Drita Kabashi and Tiffany Iris.

ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ ΚΑΡΟΛΟΥ ΚΟΥΝ from Theatro Technis Karolou Koun on Vimeo.

The plot:

Schools out. It’s 2011. Two Made in USA, American Apparel models search for their missing memory after a tragically fun night. But when really weird stuff starts happening, the girls begin to question the synthetic-ness of their own materials and if what they think happened was really real. Maybe last night wasn’t such a party after all. Literally.

The play features costumes by Sharne van Ryneveld, set by Skye Morse-Hodgson, lighting by Sarah Johnston, and sound by Anthony Dean.

More information is available online: