World’s Laughing Stock is in the Eye of the Beholder

A favorite activity of many pseudointellectuals on the left who think they’re much smarter than they actually are is to point out how the United States is “the laughing stock of the world,” and they describe our country’s condition as such exclusively when the incumbent president is a Republican.

Those who know their history are well aware that this phenomenon long precedes Donald Trump. To this motley crew of a think tank, George W. Bush was a buffoonish clown who routinely mangled subject-verb agreement; apparently, much of the world’s population that barely understands a word of English would be able to pick up on that while watching an American newsfeed on television.

There was Ronald Reagan, who won two terms in landslides, and whom even liberal historians and political scientists now begrudgingly acknowledge was one of our best presidents ever – almost all place him in the top 20 and most in the top 10 – was deemed in the 80s by some of these same folks as a cowboy and B-movie actor entirely out of his depth.
Another Republican who on most rankers’ charts eclipses even Reagan and lands just shy of the Washington, Lincoln, and the two Roosevelts is Dwight Eisenhower. Like Reagan, Ike too had broad national appeal and won two landslides. Oh, and there was that other little tidbit on his resume: he led the Allied Forces to victory in the biggest war in the history of the world. But that wasn’t good enough for the effete snobs, who labeled Ike a bumbling golfer and just a placeholder president.

Let’s assume that these bubble-dwelling eggheads are correct: that the masses around the world are sophisticated political analysts who scoff at the simplicity of Reagan on a horse or W grilling burgers. Where’s the harm in that? Even though many of those critics are perfectly happy living in their own countries, for some, mocking the United States is a case of sour grapes, because they’d really rather be here. So, this gives them a few moments to bask in a temporary mindset of ‘superiority euphoria’. Like a gaggle of gossipy girls giggling when the prom queen spills fruit punch on her beautiful white dress. But there’s no real harm to America. If mocking us gives them a reason to get up in the morning, hey, have at it.

Of greater concern – though it obviously escapes the thinking of these self-styled cerebral gods – is when mockery results in damaging consequences. What I am about to write is so absurd that it’s almost impossible to believe – but it’s true: persons who crossed the border illegally into the United States are now suing the government for damages because they were separated from their children at the border. Their attorneys have asked for as much as $450,000 per family. While the actual settlement figure may be lower, the fact that the courts have even entertained these lawsuits is an abomination.

Although much of the public has been hoodwinked by so-called journalists who perpetuate misleading information if not outright lies, here are the real facts about American immigration law: 1) Crossing the border without authorization is a crime; 2) when adults are arrested for a crime (such as drunken driving), if they are with their children when apprehended, they’re taken into custody and the kids are taken elsewhere (for instance, the kids don’t get locked up in the drunk tank with the parents); 3) we’ve had a physical barrier at our border – called a fence before it was called a wall – long before Trump ever got to the White House; 4) parents being separated from their children at the border was not a practice invented by the Trump Administration; 5) people don’t have a right to show up at the border and gamble on being granted asylum – they must have a genuine, well-founded fear of persecution, and they ought to apply to the country closest to their own where such persecution would not be a concern, not spin the globe and decide that the U.S. would be a nifty little place to which to relocate.

Under Joe Biden’s presidency, our Southern border has degenerated into an absolute porous mess. Those with a continued festering infection of Trump Derangement Syndrome know this very well, but they’re so grateful that the “orange-haired maniac” is no longer wreaking havoc, they’re not about to trash the man for whom they moved heaven and earth so he could get elected.

But the rest of the world is watching. No, not just the terrorists; their numbers are paltry (although even one entering illegally is too many). But the vast numbers of non-terrorists, which include some drug lords and gunrunners. Again, those numbers are small, because most people are good. The far larger subset of non-terrorists are good people who want a better life. They’re willing to work hard, and even endure a great deal of exploitation. The young among them will receive in-state tuition at state universities, while their American-born counterparts from other states pay more. And speaking of school, the children here illegally will be folded into the mix in public schools, swelling class sizes to 40 and 45, but, shhhh, don’t say it out loud, CNN and MSNBC, or else that Trump character may return to Pennsylvania Avenue. And those negative consequences are just scratching the surface; I pointed out many more in my book Stop Calling Them “Immigrants”.

About a hundred years ago, my oldest uncle came to the United States from Greece when he was 16, without a penny to his name or speaking a word of English. He survived just fine. Imagine if the whole family had joined him, applied for asylum, and got a cool half-million bucks because they were separated. Think there aren’t families who won’t roll those dice nowadays?

Talk about being the world’s laughing stock.


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