“What about Black-on-Black Crime or Black-on-White Crime?”

June 28, 2020
By Aliz Koletas

There seems to be cognitive dissonance when it comes to crime in general, race based crime and crimes against the constitution by those sworn to protect and serve. 

Let’s start with the last one and work our way backwards. 

The media on both sides is making it seem as if all Democrats want the police abolished (per right wing media) or all Republicans think policing doesn’t need reform at all or that any cops are racists (per left wing media). While there are fringe elements on both sides that do believe those sentiments, it is not consistent with the larger share of the parties or the American population. Hence, you need a balanced media diet to see and read the truth. 

Yet “if it bleeds, it leads” – meaning anything provocative or antagonistic tends to stand out— but just because someone has a louder voice does not make them right. Whether it’s the president or your pastor.

Same with the fringe elements on both sides of the parties – you hear from the fringe more and think it’s more common than it is. It’s not. Don’t let their foolishness fool you.

But when police officers do not uphold the constitution and instead become judge, jury, and executioner, that’s where every conservative let alone every Americans citizen should be concerned. Ironically, conservatives were all about this just a few months ago, screaming that police were overstepping their bounds by arresting people at the park violating stay-at-home laws yet now they say nothing when the police’s constitutional violations actually kill someone. Whether one is black or white doesn’t even matter for this argument as constitutional and civil rights/liberties are given to Americans citizens regardless of skin color. 

To me, that’s the biggest hypocrisy of all. That’s why I’m so tired yet fired up about confronting my fellow Christians or conservatives on social media even though I’d much prefer to let it be and let someone else do the confrontation … but I can’t remain silent in the face of evil. See Psalm 39. 

While I know extremists on the left are saying all police are racist and that we should get rid of all police; instead of the right at least acknowledging the facts and data of racial disparity in our country, they go extreme themselves saying that “nothing is wrong, y’all are trying to be woke & ‘cancel culture’ everyone while blaming white people for all your problems because this black commentator said so – oh wait, our black Republican Senator says it’s a problem now so – ugh – guess we should listen to him so never mind we’ll have him write something up and then water it down so Trump can sign it and then tout about all he’s done for police reform and the blacks. Keep America Great!”  Don’t laugh, that crazy scenario is literally what just happened in America. 

If you read history, you know that the country after the abolition of slavery and even after the civil rights act passed was stacked against minorities. If you haven’t watched Phil Vischer’s Holy Post-Race in America video talking through all those stats, then please just stop reading now because if you’re not willing to do that, you won’t be willing to learn why most blacks don’t trust cops – and the Republican Party for that matter. And it’s not the black community’s fault … sorry, if that irritates you, but facts don’t care about your feelings.  

Which brings me to the two previous components of the initial question laid out – black on black crime and black on white crime. Aren’t we all hypocrites in some way for caring about one topic more than another? But my overall targeted criticisms lately have been with the conservative Christians who preach a higher standard at everyone else for not upholding their interpretation of the Bible or Christianity yet don’t say one word – or worse – find excuses for when the President or their political party violates the constitution or the Bible. Yes, I hate how closely those two are intertwined for most evangelical Christians in America because our founding fathers purposely wanted “separation of church and state” for a reason. Freedom of religion is not having government legislate religious beliefs or morality onto everyone else. Yet here we are in 2016-2020 “unequally yoking” (as the Bible preaches against) up the political world with a Bible in one hand and the American flag in the other. “Bring America back to God or force it down their throats via laws” is the very start of a slippery slope many Evangelical Christians have fallen down and can’t or won’t get up. 

Jesus said he came to bring division not peace in Luke 12 and He went further in saying if someone didn’t hate their family and forsake them for Him, they could not be His follower in Luke 14 … wow, strong words but it gives me confidence in standing for biblical truth over someone’s false interpretation or manipulation of the Bible or Christianity. 

Yet there are still black on black crimes, no? Yes, just like there is white on white crime and white on black crime and black on white crime – and that’s not even getting to the other ethnicities that make up this world. This is what we call sin, no? Crime could be anything from killing someone to stealing from someone yet I don’t see millions of people protesting that someone committed identity theft, insider trading or committed a white collar crime. Why? It’s just criminals being criminals committing crime. I don’t say that flippantly. I say that matter of factly. It’s not based on race. So it cannot be compared to the racial bias in our American institutions (again watch Phil’s video for all the statistics and history)…

Now let’s talk about black on white hate crimes which scare a lot of white people. DoJ’s website posts numbers based on qualifiers such as “race/ethnicity/ancestry/bias, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability & other”: https://www.justice.gov/hatecrimes/hate-crime-statistics#barchart-description and recent numbers show there were 6,266 known offenders of hate crimes committed against a person (as opposed to property or community) in which 53.6% were white, 24.0% were black/African American, and 12.9% listed as race unknown. 

So over half of hate crimes were verified to be perpetuated by white people while blacks made up less than a quarter.

Forget the disproportionate levels of police contact, traffic stops, or drug/traffic law violations, arrests, bails, convictions, incarcerations, sentencing, parole, and “post prison/collateral consequences” as Sentencing Project so concisely puts it, ALL of this has snowballed, flattening generations of black men specifically and has put them at a disadvantage compared to white men. And this doesn’t even get into CDC’s numbers showing that minority women are 2-3 times more likely to die from pregnancy related deaths compared to white women. So while everyone around the world is looking at American citizens dying or gasping for their last breath saying they can’t breathe and calling out for their moms, too many white conservative Christians are shaking their head in faux sympathy wondering why they couldn’t run the same metaphorical race they or their white immigrant ancestors ran themselves  – while conveniently forgetting all the baggage laid upon our black brothers and sisters. 

So in the end, facts don’t care about feelings. But like Phil says in his video, will YOU care?


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