Gennimata: Greece's August Red Lines Became Pink in October


Opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Christos Bonis)

ATHENS -- "The Greek government should, diplomatically and operationally, not permit the Oruc Reis to come within 12 nautical miles [of Greek territory] because this questions our sovereign right but also the rights of sovereignty," underlined opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata, speaking to Real FM on Tuesday.

"Since August, the government's red lines on national issues have become pink in October. The government underestimated the situation and I remind you that in its first state budget it had cut spending on defence. We voted against it as a party and it was the first time that a party did so," she said.

She noted that her call to the government to revoke a statement by a Greek minister that the country's "red lines" were the six nautical miles limit was ignored, with the government instead showing that it adopts a policy of tolerating the dispute of Greece's sovereign rights. "It is a very unfortunate development for our national issues. Greece potentially had the right under international law to unilaterally extend its territorial water to 12 nautical miles. In reality, it is as if Turkey is telling us that it can restrict this right".

She added that her party is speaking of diplomatic and operational measures to avert a fait accoplis, adding that the government was responsible for the fact that diplomatic measures were coming late and were not well prepared. While the operational part of Greece's response was the business of the armed forces, she pointed out, this also depended on the orders they received from the Maximos Mansion. If the order was to only take action if Turkish vessels crossing the six-mile line, their hands were then tied, she added.