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Turkey: The Cunning and Dangerous Unbalancer

March 9, 2021
By Panayotis I. Karafotias

The history of the Ottoman Empire, as well as that of modern (time-wise-but-not-really-modernized-and-democratized, in substance, Turkey, in which the corrupt ‘deep state’ aspires to ‘resurrect’ its predecessor) is well-known.

For the war-mongering and imaginary ‘superpower’ Turkey, this aspiration constitutes a challenge which emanates from her religious and political fanaticism, and also from insecurity, phobias, and opportunism. And this challenge is being transformed into a dangerous cunningness, an ancient ‘sport’ of Turkey rooted in the old ‘divide and rule’ strategy, which she has developed into a super weapon, complemented by extortions and provocations. 

It is a natural approach. In a world system of blatant antagonism, the ‘adversary’, the ‘enemy’, the ‘antagonist’, is necessary (sine qua non) for the survival of the system of the ‘Lords of the Ring.’ Thus, Turkey, who is a notorious player in the above system, lurks, provokes, threatens, extorts, and unstoppably undermines every effort to consolidate international peace, International Law, the UN Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also the Charters of the European Union and NATO, in order to take advantage of abnormal situations and invest in them, securing whatever immoral and illegal benefits she can. And the most important role, one that is usually played with cunning, is that of the infamous ‘balancer’, a role that various countries have played at times of military conflicts. The arrogant dictum of Henry VIII Cui adhaero praest (whom I support will win) is well-known, as is the one by Polybius. 

It is this cunning role of Turkey that international society ascertained during WWII: ‘The Evasive Neutral,’ and later when it occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus, then a member-state of UN and now of the EU, and keeps there its occupying forces for 47 years in violation of UN Resolutions. There is also her illegal military interventions in Syria and Libya, in the Balkans, and even in Armenia, plus her behind the scenes support of terrorists. And we should not forget her genocides against Pontian Greeks, Armenians, Kurds etc. In other words, Turkey has substituted (turned inside out) the principles of the UN, EU and NATO, and undermines them, capitalizing on the indifference of some, and the suspicious interests of others, and thus has been transformed in the extracorporeal pipes of the world powers and profit seekers, into a super balancer that has become ‘Unbalancer’! 

And we have reached the point that the Turkish totalitarian conclave threatens and extorts everybody! Among its acts of cunning, provocation, and hypocrisy is the fact that it has coined the name ‘Blue Motherland’ (usurping Greece’s traditional color), although nothing in Turkish national emblems is blue. Furthermore, she notoriously uses ‘the wolf cries wolf’ tactics regarding Greece’s national rights, in order to create confusion, and has shocked the world by transforming the UNESCO-protected Aghia Sophia into a mosque. Besides the responsibilities of third parties, it is extremely disappointing that the Turkish people itself, inside and outside Turkey, has not, with few exceptions, reacted against this catastrophic totalitarianism that has nightmarishly imposed the ‘Ottoman Hitler’. And, unfortunately, older periods of Greek-Turkish friendship (IPEKCI Prizes etc.) have been undermined and sacrificed on the altar of illegal and immoral expediencies of the ruthless current Turkish regime.

And so, international democratic, peace-loving society asks: when – at last – will peace and security ever be consolidated in this tragic region?  

The picture is very blurry. Of course, it is ‘natural’ for Turkey to commit such crimes, even genocides (a traditional practice of Turkey) under the indifferent eyes of world public opinion – with some exceptions – because the economy of certain states depends to an important degree on the production and export of arms and the import of raw materials etc., plus the extraordinary privileges of the entangled parties. And Turkey, as the traditional ‘bait’ and cunning provocateur etc., has been upgraded to a big ‘benefactor’ of theirs! So, it is obvious that the traditionally pro-Turkish states (Germany and other supposedly democratic states with Quislings as accomplices) not only show an extreme toleration, but behind the scenes conspire with her, ignoring international organizations, democratic values, and ideals. However, it would probably be natural since, in a world of materialistic insanity, in a horrible Orwellian world, where Super Powers act as new ‘Procrustes’, Turkey provides them with the ‘necessary’ victims.       

Only when Turkey sees that she cannot fool the international community all the time (to recall great Lincoln!), especially its ‘allies’, and risks sanctions being levelled against her, then, like a chameleon, she changes masks, and from that of arrogant, uncompromising, audacious and provocative actor. She then puts on the masks of ludicrous theatrical plays, but, on the first ‘occasion’, she will ‘strike’ again. It is the eternal diabolic DNA of fundamentalism!

Therefore, if – primarily – the powerful states, but also the rest, claim that they support genuine civilization and democracy, and respect and honor their signatures on the Charters of UN, EU, and NATO, and also International Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as international agreements i.e. UNCLOS etc., they aught to react immediately and effectively to save their prestige and dignity, because they will be co-responsible for the new anticipated tragedies under the inhuman flag of  Homo Homini Lupus!

The civilized, democratic portion of humanity does not need balancers, even more so unbalancers! It has experienced enough horror, unhappiness, and disasters! The UN ought to be the right Balancer provided it is strengthened sufficiently and effectively!     

P.I. Karafotias is a former Managing Director of the UN Office for Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Professor of International Relations, and writer.


The God-Man Jesus, through His death and resurrection, located human life within the Life of the Holy Trinity.

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