Trumped-Up Charges! Aims to Set Record Straight

May 11, 2020
By Dr. Constantinos E. Scaros

By the time you’re reading this, my latest book will be available in print and Kindle (e-book) formats on amazon.com. Its title is Trumped Up Charges!: Donald Trump Did Not Say Mexicans are Rapists and Criminals, and 9 Other Lies about Him Exposed.

Those familiar with this column know that I am a rather vocal supporter of President Trump – though, technically, my passion stems more from the unfair manner in which he is treated, and in the journalistic malpractice I see committed every day by so many segments of the mainstream media. That egregious behavior is particularly troubling because it is not limited to Trump; things are not likely return to some sort of pre-Trump normalcy once he is out of the public eye, because all of this began long before he got to the White House and is bound to continue long after he leaves it.

Nonetheless, the timing of this book’s release is no coincidence: I am hoping it will reach as many people as possible, so that they can learn the truth about 10 of the most common falsehoods spewed about Trump, and perhaps that might compel them to decide to vote for Trump if they are even remotely close to being on the fence. (Even I am not so utopian as to expect to change many minds among those suffering from TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome.)

Yet, although Trumped Up Charges! was written by a pro-Trump author who hopes it will increase the president’s chances of reelection, it is not technically a pro-Trump book. It never makes a case to “vote for Trump,” instead respecting that a vote for anyone is based on the voter’s particular priorities. Rather, Trumped-up Charges! is a book whose significance is to set straight the historical record – to make just enough of a ripple in the water to influence a closer examination of the facts, so that decades from now when the Trump presidency has stood the test of time that history demands for an emotionally detached evaluation, conclusions will not be tainted by the 10 myths this book debunks.

My motivation to write Trumped-Up Charges! sprouted from my exasperation in constantly correcting many who sincerely believed that the specific falsehoods about Trump covered in the book are really true. For example, I remember one of my TDS-suffering friends having posted on social media the photo of Trump spasmodically flailing his arms at one of his rallies and her message was something like: “just the fact that he made fun of someone’s physical disability is reason enough for you not to support him.” That was a very powerful statement. I could easily imagine tens of millions of Americans wondering why anyone would cheer on a presidential candidate who would do something that awful. In fact, I would probably share their disdain – except through my careful examination, I knew the truth: Trump did not – that’s right, I repeat, did not – make fun of a person’s physical disability. In fact, I devote a chapter in the book to that topic. Of course, simply saying he didn’t do that is not good enough: folks are likely to respond with comments such as: “oh yes he did, I saw it with my own eyes!”; “you’re lying – you’re just making things up, or you’re in denial – because you can’t stop defending him!”; or “stop watching Fox News!” Trumped-Up Charges! is heavily documented with sources that prove every piece of information that I provide. In some cases, the evidence is indisputable, and in others, so overwhelming that it would seem far more likely than not that the accusation in question is a false one. That certainly applies to Trump’s arm-flailing in that instance.

There are numerous other myths in Trumped-Up Charges!: the one included in the subtitle, that he didn’t say Mexicans are rapists and criminals; that he didn’t tell four congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from; that he didn’t call white supremacists “very fine people”; and that he didn’t brag about committing sexual assault.

Some will insist that, just like “all” Trump supporters, I simply cannot find any fault with him. Judging, however, by the fact that in each of the first three years of his presidency I issued him a grade in this column – and each time it was less than an A – refutes that argument. Also, that I disprove 10 specific falsehoods in the book does not mean every criticism every hurled against the president is untrue. Here are some examples: he really did retweet someone’s comment that Megyn Kelly is a “bimbo” back when he was feuding with her. He really did say he saw “thousands upon thousands” of people celebrating in NJ when the Twin Towers came down on 9/11 – when in fact the numbers there were nowhere near that large. And it took him far too long to categorically ridicule the claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. In fact, some readers might change their minds about all 10 of these allegations and still be anti-Trump because of so many other things about him that repels and repulses them. On the other hand, if they understand the real culprit here is the media that spread such allegations so irresponsibly to begin with, perhaps they will be less trusting from now on and probe information more carefully in order to ascertain its accuracy.

On that note, I am honored and grateful that U.S. Congressman Gus Bilirakis wrote the Foreword to Trumped-Up Charges! and, in doing so, described me as having become “the watchdog of the media.” I am humbled by his words, and I know others have done far more than me toward that cause – but I’ll keep doing what I can too.


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