The U.S. Is Finally Leaving Afghanistan

When Osama bin Laden’s terrorists struck the Twin Towers in Manhattan on Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, it was clear that America had no choice but to avenge the unexpected catastrophe that had befallen it.

Bin Laden lived, for security reasons, in caves in Afghanistan. From there he organized his attacks against the American Empire.

He had to be punished and other attacks needed to be prevented, but an example had to also be set for other ambitious terrorists.

In a short time, the administration of George W. Bush organized revenge.

Bush would take revenge on the ‘brain’ of the catastrophic attack, but at the same time he would occupy Afghanistan, whose territory had become a base and stronghold of terrorists.

Initially, this operation was considered a relatively easy affair, for a country of America’s power, against such an underdeveloped country such as Afghanistan.

However, the history of this country was not taken into account.

The history of a country where numerous empires stumbled, such as Alexander the Great’s successors and the Soviet Union, which was forced to leave after 10 years of a bloody and costly war.

Strangely enough, however, at the same time as the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq was launched, even though there were no terrorist organizations based there and no nuclear weapons were found, which the Bush administration claimed were there.

It did not take long for the American military and politicians to realize that the war in Afghanistan was heading to a stalemate, despite their optimistic public predictions. However, whenever presidents demanded the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the generals prevented them, saying that this would lead to the complete destabilization of the country and trigger a new wave of terrorist attacks and also create countless refugees.

Even Barack Obama was persuaded by the generals not to withdraw U.S. forces, but instead to triple them to give them a chance to win.

Trump had the right instincts and the right policy. He wanted to withdraw troops, but as usual he acted without plans and preparation and did not achieve his goal.

Now that Biden is president, he has decided that twenty years of war are enough.

Thus, despite the reactions of the generals, he ordered the withdrawal of the troops, deliberately choosing the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers as the target date.

The photograph of the American President at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC, among the graves of the American soldiers killed in Afghanistan is both humane and symbolic.

At least two and a half thousand young Americans were killed there and a trillion dollars were spent in a war that, even if initially justified, is now unjustified after 20 years.

Since World War II, America has seldom been in a period of peace. It has often been embroiled in war somewhere on Earth.

We know and recognize the special responsibility it bears as a superpower.

But it is clear that America is often involved in wars in countries it does not understand, with cultures very different from its own, and with unspecified goals.

Prior to his presidency, Biden had repeatedly called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan – without being heard.

But now, as President, he has made the big decision that best serves the interests of the country and is also very likely to serve the interests of Afghanistan, as its leaders will one day have to take responsibility for their country and their compatriots.


A great struggle needs a great leader to succeed.

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