The Land of Olympia: Eternal Glow

The cradle of Olympian ideals, Ancient Olympia radiates the undying light of peace and noble emulation to the whole world.

The golden coastline, caressed with Ionian Sea breezes casts spells with the crimson colors of the sunset. Its four rivers cross gorges and dense forests. This is Ilia, radiating the eternal glow of the Olympic flame and winning the visitor over by offering heavenly holidays on its shores

Universal Spiritual Heritage

Altis, the temple of Zeus and Hera, the gymnasium, the palestra, the arcade of Echoes, the stadium … everything in ancient Olympia whispers the excitement of the athletes, proclaims the ‘fair play’ ideal, and evokes the emotions of the Olympic winners who proved worthy of the ultimate honour, eternal glory. Visitors can experience the awe and admiration for the majesty of the land.

Both ancient Olympia as well as ancient Ilia have their own stories to tell and beauties to admire. Parts of the agora, the gymnasium, and the theatre of the city of the Olympic Games still stand today.

Golden Riviera

The region is covered with expanses of beaches – both popular or secluded. From Arkoudi with its white sand to cosmopolitan Kourouta, quiet Glyfa, the blue waters of Zacharo, the golden sands of Skafidia and Loutra Kyllinis, the coasts of Ilia have a beach for every taste.

Discover Nature

Zeus was nursed in the arms of the nymph of the river Neda. Maybe it was this that spurred him and the other gods to create such a masterpiece … Lush vegetation, waterfalls, and emerald pools greet visitors when they arrive at the gorge carved by the River. The forest of Foloi with its colossal oak trees enchants its visitors. The forest trails lend themselves to walks and cycling. Lake Kaiafa looks like the work of an inspired artist and walking the paths around its shores, pondering its incredible blue dazzle, is a delight for all visitors. In the Alfios, water lovers will enjoy rafting through a veritable tunnel of plants and trees.

Travellers are able to raise their own spirits in the sanctuaries of the past in Ilia.


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