The Hellenic Initiative Canada Presents Art Exhibit & Charity Auction “Εύ Topia”

November 16, 2021

MONTREAL – For the first time ever, The Hellenic Initiative (THI) Canada in collaboration with 10 renowned contemporary Greek artists will be presenting and auctioning a selection of their most notable artwork for charity in the “Εύ Topia” art exhibit. “Εύ Topia” derives from the ancient Greek “Εύ” meaning “good”, and the noun “τόπος”, which translates to “place”. THI Canada’s “Eftopia” art exhibit and charitable auction depicts the ideal society as a possibility and not an unreachable goal. It symbolizes participating and contributing to one’s birthplace.

The 23 pieces by 10 contemporary Greek artists will be available through an online charitable auction, proceeds of which will go towards THI Canada and HOPEgenesis’ programs. The works of art have traveled from Greece to Montreal to be displayed from November 15-December 15 at the Nelligan Hotel, 106 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1Z3. The artwork is also available for viewing online: https://ca.thehellenicinitiative.org/gallery.

Light Forest by Chryssa Verghi is among the works in the art exhibit/charitable auction “Eftopia” presented by The Hellenic Initiative Canada. Photo: Courtesy of The Hellenic Initiative Canada

The selection was curated by Art Historian George Mylonas and the artists participating are considered some of the most representative of the contemporary Greek art scene. The work submitted by the artists depicts classical teachings of Greek art finely in tune with technical aspects of the modern era, thus marrying tradition with a look into the art of the future.

Proceeds from the auction will be dedicated to supporting THI Canada’s program with HOPEgenesis that helps families living in remote areas of Greece by covering all medical expenses and providing them with the care they need during pregnancy. Families living in small remote communities usually do not have access to basic medical treatment, and the cost to move in order to receive proper care is usually out of their financial reach. Your generous bids will directly support those who would like to start or grow their families and do not have the means to do so on their own. The THI Canada and HOPEgenesis program provides an expanded network of professionals and the financial aid required to help these isolated communities, who often face abandonment, to grow and prosper.

Desert Rose by Kalliopi Asargiotaki is among the works in the art exhibit/charitable auction “Eftopia” presented by The Hellenic Initiative Canada. Photo: Courtesy of The Hellenic Initiative Canada

All are invited to explore modern Greece through the eyes of the participating artists and join in THI Canada’s philanthropic efforts through this charity auction. To bid, select the “Submit Bid” button under the painting of your choosing. If you are visiting the exhibit in person, scan the QR code next to each painting. Submit any questions via email: info@ca.thehellenicinitiative.org.


WASHINGTON, DC – The Saint Andrew's Freedom Forum and the Hellenic American Leadership Council present a virtual online event commemorating Saint Andrew's Day on Tuesday, November 30, 6 PM EST.


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