It’s Trump vs. Hillary Now

- December 23, 2015

Seizing control in the GOP campaign for the Presidential nomination, Donald Trump now has to contend with likely Democratic winner Hillary Clinton.

Trump Says Hillary Big Liar

- December 22, 2015

Democrat Hillary Clinton says Republican Donald Trump has become recruiting fodder for Islamic extremists, and Trump calls her a liar.

Sanders Sorry for Data Breach

- December 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton and his own supporters Dec. 19 for a breach of her campaign’s valuable voter data information.

GOP Sees Muslims Easy Targets

- November 29, 2015

Some Republican Presidential candidates seem to view Muslims as fair game for increasingly harsh words without fear of the political cost.

Trump Backs Off Muslim Database

- November 22, 2015

After criticism, Donald Trump is trying to back away from his support for a government database to track Muslims in the United States.

Terrorism Rules Democratic Debate

- November 15, 2015

It was a key debate between Democratic candidates but what they and anyone else wanted to talk about was the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Trump Defends Migrant Deportations

- November 12, 2015

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump defended his plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. to be done “humanely.”

No Winners in GOP Debate

- November 11, 2015

Another debate among Republican Presidential hopefuls saw the field swatting away at each other but ended without any making a knockout.

“Heckled” Trump Hosts SNL

- November 8, 2015

Donald Trump hadn’t gotten far into his opening monologue before being “heckled” by an off-stage Larry David, part of the big act.

Christie Pushed to GOP Undercard

- November 6, 2015

Low-pollers Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have been bumped from the main stage at next week’s GOP Presidential debate event.