SYRIZA Plans Big Spending Cuts

- March 29, 2016

Yielding to international creditors, Greece’s ruling SYRIZA-led coalition plans to make 300 million euros ($335.43 million) in more spending cuts.

Easter Stalls Greek Bailout Talks

- March 21, 2016

ATHENS – Greece’s international lenders are taking a break from bailout negotiations for the celebration of Easter, not that celebrated by the Orthodox faith. The […]

Greece Awaits Pension Verdict

- January 6, 2016

Greece’s wobbly coalition government’s fate may be in the hands of international creditors who are reviewing a plan to reform the pension system that includes cuts Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras swore he would never impose but did.

Greece Prepares Pension Reform Plan

- December 31, 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has government officials looking at some way to protect society’s most vulnerable after backtracking on promises to set up a so-called “parallel program” offering a safety net and as more pension cuts seem inevitable.