At Rutgers, Obama Rips Trump

- May 16, 2016

President Barack Obama, at Rutgers’ commencement, told graduates to reject walls and ignorance in a critique of Donald Trump.

Hillary Doesn’t Excite Her Fans

- May 14, 2016

Compared to the rock star shows of Republican Donald Trump or her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dull.

States Fight Transgender Rights

- May 14, 2016

Many state officials are resisting President Obama’s order schools let transgender students use whatever toilets and locker rooms they want.

Sanders Says Race Isn’t Over

- May 10, 2016

He’s already an afterthought to Hillary Clinton but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said he’s still campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nod.

N.C. Can’t Stop Transgender Toilets

- May 5, 2016

A North Carolina law limiting protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws and can’t be enforced, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Obama Drinks (Sips) Flint Water

- May 5, 2016

Sipping filtered city water, President Barack Obama promised to push government leaders to make sure every drop of water in Flint, Michigan homes is safe.

The Modern Ruins of Greece

- May 5, 2016

Greece isn’t just broken. It’s broke. Six years and 326 billion euros in three bailouts later, the economy is worse, with debt hovering around 175 percent of GDP.