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Statement of the Hellenic Chapter of Republicans Overseas- Abroad on Greek Independence Day

March 25, 2020

ATHENS – A Statement of the Hellenic Chapter of Republicans Overseas- Abroad on the occasion of the celebration of the March 25th 2020 Hellenic Independence Day:

The world is in upheaval due to the Chinese virus. Has this ever happened before? Actually it has, SARS, MERS, Spanish Influenza, just to name a few. The world is in panic, and under a new terror attack from an invisible enemy. What do we do? Ignoring the problem won’t solve it, nor will trying to play party politics, as Pelosi and her gang are doing, solve it either. These actions will just kill people, kill businesses, kill our Great Nation.

America is the world economic and military leader, though heavily challenged by the Chinese despotic Communist Party and its cronies. We won, with the invaluable participation of our Allies two world wars against oppression, and we steered the free world away from the Cold War. Among those true Allies, Greece was always present and at the forefront of all battles. Now we are trying to avert the new 50 year Cold War caused by the economic and military buildup of the new emerging superpower, China, which sadly has greatly benefited from our frivolous past policies.

We are at a turning point. Choices must be made. Do we do away with the old rusty foreign-serving policies of appeasement to Chinese aggression so favoured by our Democratic opponents, or do we serve the free world with a pro-active and pro-freedom policy as demonstrated by the US leadership over the past three and a half years? Do we make China pay for the economic and humanitarian disaster it caused to us all, or do we keep on hanging on to old policies of accepting Chinese infiltration and corrosion through bribes, donations, and media subversion. Don’t forget, China lied, people died.

Now it is the time to stand tall and proud as Americans, but also as citizens of the World,  it is a time to stand together in the face of this enemy. We are at war. A war against the Chinese virus, but also against disinformation, lies, fake news and mostly subversive and anti-American practices. We the people must stand in unison against the common enemy, to save our lives, to save our jobs, to save our economies, to save our Great Nations, and to save the free world from the tyranny which is quickly brewing outside, but also inside our borders.

Keep America Great Again. Make Greece Great Again. These are wise phrases, as America must be strong within and outside its borders, and so must Greece. We must guard our borders from enemies within, from those who seek to profit from our demise as the Greatest Nation on earth, either politically, or financially, stealing our industry’s secrets, our military hardware, our wealth and well-being, or to impose upon us through short-sighted or straight out traitor politicians, policies which will reduce us to the level of a small regional power. In Greece’s case this would mean that there would be actual  loss of territory to its adversaries.

We as the Hellenic Chapter of Republicans Overseas, live in a country, member of NATO, a country which has been close to the United States for over 200 years, a true ally, who always has been there when they were called upon, and a nation which, through the Hellenic diaspora, has greatly contributed to the American Dream, either in the economic sector, or the Academic, Public Administration and Military Sectors.

Our second country Greece, is simultaneously being attacked by two enemies. One is the invisible Chinese virus, and the second is the ongoing attack of the Greek borders by its neighbor Turkey.

On the Chinese virus front, Greece is doing very well, as the present Government with the tacit consent of most of the opposition parties, had dealt with the problem speedily, effectively and will brace the brunt of the battle better prepared than many other nations, despite the fact that it has entered this new conflict battered by years of forced austerity and severe cuts to its health system, actions which were forced upon her by the EU and Germany, who have greatly profited from Greece’s demise.

Greek PM mr.  Mitsotakis, has mustered full public support on his stern handling of the situation, and comes out politically strengthened by his no-nonsense, tough stance during this ongoing war. His choice of associates seems to have also panned out rather well, as contrary to past failures in Greek politics, he has assembled an excellent team of key persons of competence in charge of this difficult situation.

Alas, the economic impact of the Chinese virus to Greek economy will be devastating. As we predict that at least the full month of April and probably half of the month of May will be completely lost, as the lockdown must be preserved to maintain the current level of Public Health protection, the results on the GDP will probably surpass the -5,6% level predicted recently for the current fiscal year. Added to that the fact that the tourist season which supplies approximately 20% of the yearly revenue, will be sliced at least in half, if the best scenario is upheld, things will be very rough for the government in the second half of the fiscal year, as it will not be able to provide sufficient aid to workers and businesses. We really doubt wether the EU will come true on its promise to provide fiscal relief, as we predict that relief will be mostly aimed to Central European countries, under the pretext of supporting manufacturing companies, few of which exist in Greece, as in the past 20 years, under EU directives, Greece has suffered a severe de-industrialization and has relied on tourism which will be crushed this year. Already Germany is flatly refusing to support the subsidies to European nations under the Euro-bond sheme and has clearly indicated that the maximum it would accept is a strict memorandum of compliance to the repayment of debts incurred by Italy, in an effort to curb the rise in power of the current opposition leader mr. Salvini.

Greeks though would be willing to suffer the impending recession were it not for the increasing risk on their Eastern borders. As our EastMed Strategic Studies Institute (operating under the auspices of the Hellenic Chapter of Republicans Overseas) has many times indicated, a further escalation of Greek Turkish hostilities is imminent. Greece is facing a continuing hybrid war from Turkey, which consists in the “weaponising” of illegal immigrants, wether they have already arrived in Greece and are living in camps or have been dispersed in the Greek territory, or are in the process of being inserted to Greece from the northern Evros region by land or in the Greek island by sea.

Turkey, which is also being dealt a devastating blow by the Chinese virus, is notorious for trying to “export” its internal problems by instigating, either outblown invasions, or border conflicts. We predicted some weeks ago (on Jan 10th we predicted the exact date as being between Feb 25 and March 2ond- it happened on Feb 27), that before Greek Easter (April 19) Turkey would instigate a border conflict, or attempt to drill in the Greek Maritime Exclusive Zone. We are reassessing our time frame, as we assume that this action may be delayed, but at any rate come before the month of Ramadan, which starts on Thursday, April 24.

Turkey tested Greek reflexes after its virtual invasion of the Greek borders on February 27th and though it did not achieve its primary target, which was to facilitate the entry of +20.000 illegal migrants (mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan) in Greece, managed to force the Greek government to accept the re-location of the 40.000 illegal migrants currently residing in Greek islands to the mainland and their dissemination to various locations in the Greek mainland.

Turkey’s secondary target is the destabilization of the Greek islands in the Eastern Aegean. Turkey, especially now that it is faced with the Chinese virus pandemic, is certain to put the blame on migrants for the virus and ship them off to Greece, which will probably place them again in the island camps, which in no time will fill up again, leaving the Greek government with the great dilemma of wether to let them stay there and fuel the dissent of the island populations, or move them to the mainland and face the fury of the rest of the population. These migrants, having lived in Turkey, and being subsceptible to ISIS, HAMAS and DAESH influences are an ideal sleeping Turkish weapon, well placed and dispersed in Greek territory, to be used accordingly in the future.

Due to the pressure from key NGO figures, some of which were in very high positions of authority, both in the previous and the present government, and the pressure from Academia, the liberal press, and mainly Germany and E.U. the Greek government has flatly refused to consider the creation of migrant camp in strategically non sensitive sparsely populated areas or islands in Greece, which would solve the problem as well as alleviate public outrage, as well as serious dissent within the ruling party. This situation acts as a political time bomb, which eventually will explode and totally vaporize the current public support for the Greek PM, unless of course Greece decides to tackle the problem and remove all the illegal migrants from both the Greek mainland and East Aegean islands, and completely sever all ties between the NGO’s and its migrant problem. Now would be an ideal timing for the Greek government to implement such a measure, as due to the Chinese virus situation, the German led EU is most likely to ignore this development, as it is busy trying to alleviate the humanitarian disaster it is facing from the effects of the pandemia. The recent border warfare in Evros between Greece and Turkey was proof enough that Germany is not prepared to lift a finger in Greece’s defense and risk damaging its preferential relations with Turkey.

The third and most important strategic objective of the Turkish State is the cancellation of the 3+1 alliance and the assumption by Turkey of a leading role in the transport and production of energy products in the EastMed region. This already has been set in motion via the Erdogan-Sarage deal, the close cooperation between Hamas and Turkey and the alienation of Greece and Israel which would be accomplished if the Arab MP’s manage to control Israeli politics and simultaneously, Greek leftist and internationalist forces manage to resurrect the fading pro-Palestinian doctrine in Greek politics. At a closing thought on Turkey, we are very seriously concerned about the ever increasing proximity of the relations between Turkey and Pakistan, in light of the fact that many Turkish fighter jets are manned by Pakistani pilots but mainly due to the fact that Turkey has expressed its desire to become a nuclear power, a possibility that could come via Pakistan. We are wondering why Greece still elects to permit tens of thousands of Pakistani illegal migrants to remain within its borders and thus subsidize Pakistan’s economy by pumping millions of euros daily in cash transfers from Greece to Pakistan. Greece is in an ideal position to use their deportation as leverage against any passive or active Pakistani involvement in the EastMed region, even to the extent of cancelling arms sales by Turkey to Pakistan.

It will not be the same world at the end of this pandemic, countries will run heavily into debt, some more, some less, especially those as Greece which have surrendered their fiscal policies to foreign organizations, such as the EU. Countries will be called on to reassess their foreign and domestic policies. Issues, such as outsourcing and de-industrialization will be rethought, as the pandemic showed that globalization cannot serve the peoples of the planet in times of crisis. Critical supplies were not available to citizens, countries such as China, Germany, even Turkey hoard or confiscate supplies and later sell  them at exorbitant prices to other countries in need. But mainly, the peoples in all the globe realized that countries in times of crisis need to be partially self-sufficient and maintain strategic supplies of certain materials and raw products. This was a lesson learned, but we really hope is that it will be a lesson remembered.

We sincerely hope that both our Great Nations, America and Greece overcome the Chinese virus with the least damages. It is time for us to forge and cement our Great Alliance, and extend it to countries around us, such as Israel, Cyprus and Egypt and move on with the 3+1 defensive pact which will finally provide stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Chinese Virus taught us that we must forget old preconceptions, the Hamas-engineered attempted invasion of Greek borders shows us that Turkey has forged new alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean, both with its puppet government in Libya, as well as with the terrorist organizations Hamas, DAESH and ISIS from whom it is drawing strategic planning and personnel in its hybrid war against Greece which is far from over.

The ball is now in the Greek government’s court, there are steps which we have indicated in the past that must be made, there is no time, and mostly the enemy has been partially revealed.
In both attacks against its country, the Greek government has learned that no action equals defeat and traditional greek procrastination and tactics of appeasement lead only to defeat upon defeat.

On this very important date for the Greek People, that of the celebration of the 199th year since the onset of the Greek revolution against the Ottoman empire, Greece is still fighting for its Independence, this time from other threats, domestic and foreign, from “friends” and foes.

This is the time for the Washington, Athens,  Jerusalem and Nikosia to get even closer, as they are the bastions of Democracy in the Eastern Mediterranean, and this with great haste, as the clouds of conflict are weighing heavily upon the Free World.

Athens, March 24th 2020

Jonathan Constantine


Hellenic Chapter Republicans Overseas-Abroad


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