Snowflake Hypocrisy: Why “Believe All Women” is Like “Black Lives Matter”

May 3, 2020
By Dr. Constantinos E. Scaros

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (I use the term presumptive quite – pardon the pun – liberally) finds himself mentioned in a potential sexual assault conundrum. Note how I wrote “mentioned” rather than “embroiled,” and “conundrum” rather than “scandal,” because the latter word in each set is emblematic of the oversensationalized language used by the disturbingly large portion of media, which can best be described as nothing less than: ratings whores.

The particular issue in question is based on allegations made by Tara Reade, who worked for Biden when he was a U.S. senator from Delaware. Reade has long made the claim that Biden routinely ran his fingers through her hair and touched her neck, but as of late has added that he committed a more blatant version of sexual assault, having used his fingers to make nonconsensual contact with a certain part of her body. As of this writing, Biden has flatly, unequivocally, and categorically denied any and all such allegations.

Current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, appointed by President Trump, endured an intense grilling during Senate confirmation hearing, about an accuser’s fuzzy recollection from 36 years earlier. Kavanaugh, who was only 17 at the time, even if he had committed what the accuser described, it would have been comparatively less egregious than what Biden’s claimant swears he did to her while he was a 51-year-old United States senator.

At the time of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, not only did eminently irrational ultraprogressive snowflakes (I know, all sorts of redundancy there) sit in judgment over Kavanaugh, declaring him guilty until proven innocent – a possibility that in their eyes was immoral even to suggest – but they ostracized anyone who even dared to contend that Kavanaugh should not be deemed guilty by default, labeling such skeptics as racists, misogynists, and all-around revolting parasites of society (you know, along the lines of at least 50 percent of Trump supporters being “deplorable” and “irredeemable”).  

“Believe all women” was the chant. The reasoning (and, again, I use that term loosely) is that any time a woman steps forward to accuse a man of any sexual misconduct, she must be telling the truth. Few statements are more absurd than that.

Keep in mind, the lunacy is in the absoluteness of the word “all.” I would agree with “believe many women” and even “believe most women.” I’d even be ok with believing the overwhelming majority of women, because I completely agree with the notion that very, very few would simply make it up for whatever reason. Just like victims of racism, homophobia, religious persecution, or general crimes are – in my view – telling the truth more often than not. But to suggest that 100 percent of them should be believed would obliterate our entire judicial system in one fell swoop: after all, if we simply believe the plaintiff, why even go to trial?

To his credit, Biden is not firmly entrenched within the lunatic fringe of his party, just as Trump is not similarly entrenched in his own, though both recognize the importance of securing their respective votes. Biden never fully committed to the “believe all women” nonsense, instead qualifying it with the far more logical version that if a woman emerges with a complaint in the public eye, we have to begin with the presumption that “at least the essence of what she is talking about is real.” That makes a lot more sense, because the words “presumption” and “essence” inject a great deal of logic into an otherwise loony premise. Giving Biden even more credit, he has been the comparative – and comparative is the operative word – voice of reason as opposed to the far left nutcases who hijacked the Democratic Party over the past decade or so. For instance, while I predominantly abhor Biden’s immigration platform, it is still better than that of most of his Democratic peers insofar as at least he acknowledges that some PHIs (Persons Here Illegally), such as violent felons, ought to be…gasp…deported.

My response to whether Reade’s allegations – or those of the accusers of Kavanaugh, Trump, President Clinton, Bill Cosby, etc. – are true, are consistent: I wasn’t there, so I don’t know one way or the other for sure. Therefore, this week’s column is not about the merits of Reade’s complaint. Rather, it is a call for shaming any hypocrites who think it is perfectly fine to believe Trump’s and Kavanaugh’s accusers automatically (the accused aren’t Democrats, after all), and yet to demand more proof in Biden’s case. More proof needs to be insisted upon in every case.

This brings us to another wacky slogan of the far left: “black lives matter.” Granted, the one giant difference between “believe all women” and “black lives matter” is that not all women – nor members of any other subset of the human race – should be categorically believed. On the other hand, black lives do matter. Taking both simply as statements, the former’s implication is severely flawed, whereas the latter’s is absolutely accurate. It is in the application where the two have ludicrous commonalities. The aforementioned loony left refuses to accept the alternative “all lives matter” insofar as they persist that such a statement minimizes black plight. Think about it: you can get in trouble for daring to suggest that every human life matters. Who would’ve ever thought we would live in such a world?

Abraham Lincoln famously described the United States in 1862 as “the last best hope of earth.” Similarly, I maintain that the reelection of Donald Trump is, if not the last then close to it, best hope of our nation surviving the scourge of irrational boundaries drawn by rabid political overcorrectness. To amend Ronald Reagan’s sentiment, Joe Biden may combat such disastrous thinking with “pale pastels” – not to mention his light is fast flickering – whereas Donald Trump will fight it head on with “bold colors.”


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