Letter to Editor

Reaction to the Presidential Debate

To the Editor: 

True, President Trump was aggressive and interrupted often. But Biden showed little class in addressing the President as "hey man," "racist," and "clown."  The liberal media has been out to get President Trump since the day he was democratically elected and Hillary Clinton ran into the woods to lick her wounds. Trump has been called a Hitler, and a Nazi, and accused of using the police as his private Gestapo. These outrageous lies are an insult not only to German people everywhere, but also to Jews who suffered and perished in concentration camps.

What Jews did Trump gas and brutally murder? Who is the genius that did not want to stop Chinese flights from arriving in the United States and called Trump a racist and xenophobe? Joe Biden, that's who! Who did the rioting, looting, burning and kicked innocent people in the head? Biden said "ANTIFA is only an idea." Really, Joe? Tell that to the people whose businesses were burned to the ground. Why were Dean Skelos and his son convicted for their plot to use Dean Skelos' influence to get a $300,000 job for his son when Joe Biden and his son never had to answer for Joe Biden's influence for his son to secure millions of dollars from the Chinese and the Russians? Biden bragged about his role in this and is even allowed to run for the highest office in the land with no questions asked. 

Why is a brilliant justice like Amy Coney Barrett berated for her Christian faith by the Jewish Senator from California, Diane Feinstein? Why are New York politicians Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo failing to protect people's lives and property from violent protestors in New York? Why is the issue of "deadbeat fathers" never addressed and men are permitted to evade responsibility from generation to generation and hard-working American taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab? Why is this off the table? Why is a tax evader like Rev. Al Sharpton (of Tawana Brawley fame) who owes millions in back taxes, invited by the mainstream media to comment on Trump's tax situation?

Why should we be responsible for reparations when our forefathers did not own slave ships or plantations and were not even in this country? Instead of "Free-Free-Free" why not teach people to "Work-Work-Work" to fish for themselves and build self-esteem? I guess it is not politically correct to ask these questions, but this is why America is so screwed up at this moment in time.

Before we can find solutions to the problems that plague our society, we need to identify the problems. President Trump is the only one who comes even close to identifying and addressing these problems. Greek warriors, the likes of Achilles, Alexander, and Miltiades will be turning in their graves if we elect someone who hides and ‘leads’ from his basement bunker.  

John Tsokos  

Brooklyn, NY 


To the Editor: I found it upsetting to read in the Viewpoint by Constantinos E Scaros on January 22 that he and his family “high-fived” when they tested positive for COVID.

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