Pregnant Women in Greece Urged to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations

ATHENS – After the death of at least one unvaccinated young pregnant woman from COVID-19, and reports some gynecologists are urging others not to be inoculated, the President of Greece’s National Vaccination Committee said expectant mothers should get the shots.

As record numbers of cases were being reported, Maria Theodoridou said women who are breastfeeding should also be inoculated against the Coronavirus that has hit lower age groups and those at risk.

“They put themselves and their baby at risk… Vaccines are recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women planning to have children,” she said at a daily briefing on the pandemic, noting that there is no indication that the vaccines affect fertility.

Theodoridou also said that pregnant women with COVID have an increased risk of premature birth and other health issues while emphasizing that they themselves “are at the same risk as people with underlying health problems,” said Kathimerini.


ISTANBUL — A powerful storm pounded Istanbul and other parts of Turkey on Monday, killing at least four people and causing havoc in the city of 15 million people, reports said.


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