Plenty of Blame to Go around as Extremism Thrives

Welcome to my island. Please let me know if you’d like to stay. I feel like I’m all alone here on it, a blip in the middle of two oceans of extremism. Though vast both in size and in degree of opposition to one another, the oceans have one thing in common: they’re both know-it-alls, convinced their side is right and unable to fathom the possibility that they could be wrong. Part and parcel of that mindset is an obsession to ‘win’ the argument rather than embrace possibly being smarter tomorrow than today by acknowledging an error in judgment. Yes, I’m talking to a whole bunch of dwellers in both oceans – so listen up!

I’ve spent the past four years vigorously defending Donald Trump against a modern-day record-setting raw, unbridled hate, so this time I’ll begin with the ocean of irrational Trump supporters. First, the election was not ‘stolen’ – if by stolen you mean widespread incidents of Biden votes run through machines three or four times, while Trump votes were thrown into the garbage. There were no ‘midnight dumps’ of large sacks of fake Biden ballots so he could eke out victories in critical swing states. Venezuela does not control our vote count; really, they don’t. As attorney/political analyst Christian Adams put it, Venezuela can’t even make its own traffic lights work, and there were “no goblins in the voting machines.” And here’s where you really need to brace yourselves: the Clintons are not part of a blood-drinking, cannibalistic pedophile Satanic cult, and though I don’t claim to know what God is thinking, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts He didn’t say: “there’s only one person who can save civilization, so, just like I sent my son more than 2000 years ago, I think it’s time to pick another special person. Now, I haven’t done this in a long time so I have to pick someone really remarkable: ummm, Donald Trump, yup, he’s the one!”

As for Trump, as I wrote in last week’s column (Feb. 6), he made more mistakes in the last two months of his presidency than in the previous 46 months combined. In his very new post-presidency thus far, he’s been largely reclusive, except for a bombastic resignation from the Screen Actors Guild in response to their creating a disciplinary committee to examine whether they should throw him out. In typical Trump bluster, he was defiant, defensive, and boastful. Whatever novel charm his brashness had in the past, the luster is gone now.

Ok, TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) sufferers, it’s your turn now. By the time you’re reading this, Nancy Pelosi’s insta-peachment circus may have come to an end. Never mind that the very definition of insanity is to pretend something exists when it doesn’t. Impeaching an elected official in his last days in office who wouldn’t be tried until he was already out is like buying a saddle for an imaginary horse, or, more relevantly, conducting a criminal trial for a dead man to determine an appropriate jail sentence. More importantly, the very merits of the impeachment are entirely bogus. Unless Trump said “be violent” – which he didn’t; in fact, he said the exact opposite – he didn’t commit an impeachable offense. Period. Only kangaroo courts in banana republics convict based on speculative ‘dog whistle’ messages. Following such logic, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer, all of whom have said far worse, should be impeached, and Maxine Waters should be in jail.

Next, when I learn about dissenters like Alexei Navalny silenced in places like the former Soviet Union (aka Russia), I’m saddened but not surprised. Never did I think such a thing would happen in the United States. Listen up, you purportedly liberal thinkers: everyone has the right to spew even the wackiest conspiracy theories and you can’t stop them. Yes, the former president of the United States and the My Pillow guy don’t have any hard, substantive evidence to back their claims of widespread election fraud, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to say such things out loud until they’re blue in the face. To deny them that right is the very essence of totalitarianism. The irony not lost on the rest of us is that the biggest doomsayers of a fascist dictatorship befalling our country are its biggest practitioners.

The “deplatforming” – who would’ve ever thought such a word would be associated with a country that wasn’t once run by Stalin? – of Trump and some of his higher-profile supporters from various social media outlets is an attempt to eradicate the very memory of him. And it’s not just the left, it’s the major party establishment duopoly – you know, the Dick Durbins and Mitt Romneys of the world – which was sent reeling in 2016. They are Hitlerizing Trump so as to make it a sin even to utter his name. That way, they can bring America back to their own utopian vision of career politicians, bloated bureaucracies, endless military conflicts, cheap labor fueled by PHIs (Persons Here Illegally), and nonstop foreign and domestic lobbying.

And while we’re at it, what other than a sham impeachment trial would be run by a “judge” who’s a sitting Democrat senator and vehement Trump-basher? Whatever happened to recusal? Again, this is the U.S. Congress, not the Soviet Politburo.

So, this is what we do believe here on my political island:

1. The election wasn’t stolen, but the Democrats sure did game the system in various ways. Not that Republicans wouldn’t have done the same thing, it’s just that the Democrats beat them to it. (Hint: you’ll start seeing things clearly when you dispose of the myth that one party is decidedly morally superior to the other.)

2. Trump surely had some lows but he’s had more highs than any president since Reagan, the latter easily falling into the all-time top five. I will continue to wave the banner of Trumpism’s positives while condemning the negatives.

3. Rightwing conspiracy wackos who channel their inner Rambos and itch for a new American Revolution are a scourge on civilized society, as are hyperleft Cancel Culturalists and Open Borderists.

Want to hop aboard my island? There’s plenty of room. 


The latest postponement of a White House visit by Greece’s Premier – for a second time this year – in conjunction with the announcement of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s trip to Washington, DC in May is certainly not auspicious.

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