Where are we headed now with the Cyprus issue?


Informal five-party (5+1) meeting on the Cyprus issue. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

It is more than tragic that we have reached this point on the Cyprus issue after decades of struggle, as evidenced by the outcome of the conference of the interested parties in Geneva which ended this week.

We have reached the official finding of the gap that separates the two sides.

A painful gap, not simply because the conference was a complete failure, but because what the Turks are demanding goes beyond the worst nightmare of the Greek Cypriot and Greek sides.

Because what Turkey demands, the creation of two states, endangers the Hellenism of Cyprus.

The passage of time on the Cyprus issue and the great historical problems of today, make it difficult for us to realize the magnitude of the crisis that Hellenism now faces.

There is no doubt that the Turks are responsible for the failure of the conference.

There is no doubt that the two-state ‘solution’ demanded by the Turks is the culmination of Erdogan's expansionist policy against Hellenism on all fronts, including the Cyprus issue. And a complete repudiation of international law and norms.

But this can only grant us a little relief.

What counts is the result - the point to which we have been led.

And it is clear that the result is a complete impasse.

So the question today, after the official finding revealing the chasm that separates the two sides, is: what do we do now?

To expect Turkey to become more rational would be tantamount to delusion.

For the Turks to expect that we can ever accept such a ‘solution’ would be an illusion.

Therefore – where do we go now?