Welcome to The National Herald’s Gateway to Greece: Southern Aegean Issue!

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Consisting of both the Cyclades and the Dodecanese island groups in the Aegean Sea, the South Aegean is more than just one of the thirteen administrative regions of Greece – it is a state of mind. And it is no coincidence that most collections of photos and video images of Greece include copious quantities of scenes from those islands, which offer much more than ‘sand and sea.’

In the South Aegean you are connected with history, spirituality, and beauty in the very birthplace of not only of Western Civilization but of Hellenic hospitality.

The expansive area, which includes over 30 inhabited islands, is rich in history and natural beauty both in its famous and lesser-known islands. The South Aegean is as diverse as the people who once roamed its islands shores and built towns and castles on its hilltops – from the Greeks to the Romans, to Byzantine, Crusader, and Ottoman overlords, all left their architectural, musical – and delicious culinary marks.

No matter what kind of vacation or adventure you are looking for, the region of the South Aegean will accommodate every type of traveller:

  • For those who like to take the road less traveled: Folegandros, Karpathos, Milos
  • Islands for adventure seekers: Paros (windsurfing); Kea/Tzia (hiking); Kos (biking); Kalymnos (rock climbing)
  • Best places to party with celebrities & rock stars: Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Antiparos
  • Islands for religious tourism: Syros, Tinos, Patmos, Amorgos, Skiathos
  • Places for history buffs: Rhodes, Andros, Delos
  • Islands for foodies: Sifnos, Naxos
  • The most romantic islands: Santorini, Koufonisia, Symi

The Southern Aegean is truly a cultural hub that combines charm and sophistication whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, serene monasteries, remarkable historical sites, or anything in between. After over a year of being cooped up, these islands are ready for visitors – whether they are first-timers or veterans.