Trump: Biden Will Listen to Scientists

Αssociated Press

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

The number of cases of the Coronavirus on the planet, according to Johns Hopkins University, has exceeded 40 million.

You do not need to be an expert to see that the number is really much larger. Those 40 million are just the recorded cases.

I do not think things should have gotten this far - and we still have not seen the end as of yet.

We are still months away from a preventative vaccine or treatment.

I also do not accept the comparison with the 1918 flu pandemic, with which the present COVID-19 pandemic is often compared. The main reason is that there is a difference of 100 years. The scientific knowledge and the technical infrastructure were different back then.

However, I do accept that it is natural for scientists to disagree on the appropriate anti-virus policy. Disagreements over strategy, tactics, etc.

That would have been the case in 1918 as well.

What is not acceptable is the extreme politicization of a public health issue.

That is to say, its use as a political tool, with all the distortions that are often made, in order to get votes.

It is very unfortunate, as I have noted before, that the Coronavirus coincided with the timing of the U.S. elections.

And we are unlucky because the positive or negative handling of a matter of life and death will inevitably also affect the elections.

Unfortunately, the President panicked.

In the beginning, when the virus could have been brought under control before it spread, he hid it from the people.

He tried to keep everyone quiet about it for a critical period of time, so as not to affect the Stock Market.

Then, he minimized the danger.

He even tried to promote dangerous medicines and substances to combat the virus.

And he continues, even after his own illness, to behave irresponsibly, putting the lives of his supporters at various rallies in danger.

As would be expected, this type of behavior causes great damage to the economy. Because dealing with the Coronavirus is an absolute precondition for overcoming the deep economic crisis we are living in.

For example, China is already experiencing strong economic growth of 4.9% – after it first controlled the spread of the Coronavirus.

In order to move forward, you cannot ignore the danger, or even terrorize scientists into not telling the truth about the pandemic.

On what other basis should you formulate your policy, if not on science? A few days ago, Trump accused Biden of paying too much attention to the scientific community in shaping his pandemic policy.

At a rally in Nevada he told people Biden would turn over their future to the Coronavirus and that he would listen to the scientists and shut down the economy.

“If I listened totally to the scientists,” he said, “we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression, instead of, we’re like a rocket ship, take a look at the numbers.”

Yes, indeed. Take a look at our numbers.