The Wall Street Journal also Condemns Erdogan

Αssociated Press

Turkey s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks after his cabinet s meeting, in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (Turkish Presidency via AP. Pool)

The threats, the insults, and the blackmail that Erdogan is attempting against Greece could not fail to have repercussions in the international community. How could they not?

Proof of this is that one major newspaper after another - from its respective editorial page - is condemning the Turkish President.

A few days ago it was Wall Street Journal’s turn - a newspaper that was once considered pro-Turkish, but one which changed its policy during the Erdogan years.

“The question is whether Mr. Erdogan wants to negotiate or simply assert Turkish power,” the Journal noted, and added “military conflict between Greece and Turkey remains an unlikely but real possibility.”

What I find worrying and was hitherto unknown to me is the report of the newspaper that: “Ankara has invested heavily in its naval ambitions, with a light aircraft carrier set to sail next year and more frigates on the way. Greece has announced more defense spending, but it will take years to have an effect.”

The editorial concludes the following: “Turkey is a strategically important NATO member, particularly in the Black Sea, and the relationship is worth trying to save. But intimidating another ally like this deserves an answer. If Mr. Erdogan uses force or threatens to cut refugees loose on Europe, Washington and Brussels will need a united response.”

 Whether this and so many other articles against him affect him or not is not yet clear.