The Meeting at "Stamatis"

Εθνικός Κήρυξ

At noon on Wednesday, June 2, a group of Greek-Americans hosted Nicole Malliotakis, the Member of Congress representing Staten Island and parts of South Brooklyn, at the famous Stamatis restaurant in Astoria.

This is a wonderful initiative of some distinguished Greek-Americans who wanted to get to know the Congresswoman better, to present to her the issues that concern them – domestic American issues but also our Hellenic national issues – and to support her.

The photo of this table reminds us of other times, when the Greek Diaspora was more involved in political life, when we had more Community politicians seeking the support of Greek-Americans in New York.

I do not believe that we should judge Greek-American politicians based on their party labels – what matters is that they are men and women of good character and care about our Community and its issues.

It is on this basis that Malliotakis’ supporters made their decision to support her and not strict political criteria.

It is a fact that Nicole has supported positions with which a large part of the Greek Diaspora strongly disagrees. And I myself disagree with some of them.

However, there is a substantial part of the Greek Diaspora that agrees with her. Again, that is their right.

Regardless of these facts, the reality is that Malliotakis is the first Greek-American member of Congress in the history of New York. She is a child of the Greek Diaspora and we must support her.

There is another dimension:

Our national issues were discussed at this table, with the result that the Congresswoman will now be able to go even deeper into them and give them more importance during her activities in Congress, knowing that many of her voters and supporters are interested.

Several of her announcements already refer to our national issues.

It is for these reasons that this table, this meeting of Greek-Americans with the Congresswoman, has special significance.

We hope that more such meetings will follow with more Community politicians representing other areas where Greeks live.