Stanley Johnson: “It's Such a Great Joy to Me, to Arrive in Greece”

Αssociated Press

Stanley Johnson, father of Britain s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, checks his cellphone as he sits at a tavern in Horto village, Mount Pelion (also known as Pilio), central Greece, Thursday, July 2, 2020. ( via AP)

Stanley Johnson, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has been widely criticized by the country's media in recent days because, despite a travel ban in his country, he visited Greece via Bulgaria to avoid, at least formally, the ban

It is clear that the criticism leveled at Stanley Johnson is politically motivated. It’s really an attack on his son, the Prime Minister, who is known to have been in danger of dying from the Coronavirus.

Of course, if he were not the father of the British Prime Minister, there would be no issue. No one would care.

Stanley Johnson has maintained a villa in Pelion for years where he spends his vacations with his family. Perhaps his son also has a soft spot in his heart for Greece because of his vacations there.

Stanley claimed that he is visiting Greece at this time because he wanted to prepare the house for rental.

This is probably not the case.

But that's not my point.

It is the sweet, beautiful, strong, true statement Stanley made about Greece that moved me: “All I can say is that it’s always a great joy to me, it’s such a great joy to me, to arrive in Greece.”

There’s a declaration! Here's an opportunity for Greek tourism to use this statement for promotion purposes either immediately or sometime in the future

Greece, meanwhile, has extended the ban on visitors from the United Kingdom to July 15, while the British government has announced that from July 10 onwards, it will repeal a law requiring citizens of approximately 12 countries, including Greece, to spend 14 days in isolation when visiting the UK.

We hope that the bitterness of the attacks on the Prime Minister's father will not upset him and that at the first opportunity he will return to his villa in mythical Pelion.