Exploitation of the Virus for their Personal Benefit

Αssociated Press

FILE - In this Thursday, March 2, 2107 file photo, Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," poses for a photo in a Fox News Channel studio in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Tucker Carlson, the most popular Fox News presenter – with over 3 million viewers a night – harshly denounced one of President Joe Biden's proposals about vaccinations as "the biggest scandal of my lifetime." And every night, he continues in that vein.

And yet, Rupert Murdoch, the major shareholder in Fox News, was vaccinated months ago.

How else can one interpret this, except as hypocrisy and brutal exploitation to attract viewers, by exploiting the doubt and fear that a percentage of the world feels about vaccines?

Some days ago, a few thousand Athenians gathered in Syntagma Square to protest against the government's decision to force certain categories of workers to be vaccinated.

In fact, those workers also demonstrated!

Isn't this proof that a not insignificant percentage of the Greek people have been influenced by the people and media who promote conspiracy theories and claim that vaccines cause health problems, with the result that the others refuse to be vaccinated?

As I noted in a recent commentary, I am against the state controlling the lives of citizens. Humanity has paid for that game several times with horrible consequences.

However, in this case, not only are personal interests at stake, but also the general interest of society as a whole. In other words, by their actions, which will delay the end of the pandemic, they are also harming those who are doing their duty.

I am outraged by the exploitation of that portion of the population - when irresponsible politicians, media, church officials, and others interfere.

What business do they have with a serious health issue that is primarily the responsibility of doctors and scientists?

I do not know what it will take to convince people. Is not the word of the government, of the Church enough? Are not the testimonies of those who were not vaccinated and got sick and who are now telling people to be vaccinated enough? Because if these are not enough, what is?

I am one of those who begged a friend of mine to get vaccinated, and he found a thousand excuses to avoid it, until I got to the point of ironically calling him Dr. Fauci.

Unfortunately, in the end, he contracted the coronavirus, but, thankfully, it was not a very serious case and today he is one of the most fanatical supporters of the vaccinations and one of the biggest critics of those who exploit the doubts of the people for their own benefit.