23-Years and Counting: TNH Endures and Matures

The National Herald

This weekend, The National Herald will celebrate its 23rd anniversary.

While a great deal younger than its Greek counterpart, TNH is no less important to the Greek-American community and to Hellenes living all over the world.

In 1997, nearly 20 years after he purchased the Ethnikos Kirix, my father decided to take on the huge undertaking of a second publication - this time, in the English language.

He knew that the Ethnikos Kirix alone was not satisfying - and could not satisfy - its purpose of educating the Greek community living outside of Greece. My father understood that solely a Greek publication would be insufficient in providing information to the part of the Greek Diaspora whose first language is English - and which today comprises the majority of our community. Thus, TNH, the second bridge that connects the Hellenism of the Diaspora with the homeland, was built.

During the last 23 years, TNH has covered the news of our Community. Your stories and our reporting - inclusive of the exciting, the sad, the informative, and everything in between - have created a true historical ‘anthology’ of our community’s hurdles and accomplishments. But more importantly, TNH has become a key for preserving our history and our culture for previous, current and future generations.

Thank you to our loyal readers for welcoming us into your lives and your homes. We strive to maintain your trust and your support - especially during these trying times. Thank you to our incredible colleagues for your tireless efforts on this ongoing and evolving journey we embark on every single day. We are so proud of where we have come from - but also, where we are going.

The news never sleeps and we promise to never slow down. 

Happy Anniversary to Us!