Varoshia: A Political Betrayal- My Thought of the Day

The National Herald

Ghosts of Famagusta, painting by Andreas C Chrysafis. Photo: Courtesy of Andreas C Chrysafis

An Open Message to Varoshia:

Do not cry Varoshia… for you are not the one to blame for being forsaken to face alone those ashes of betrayal of your ancient Hellenic roots and glorious past… You shall forever be in my heart and deep corners of my mind; for you’re Varoshia! We are all Varoshia now and we fear of your fate!

I shall forever remember your grace, beauty and golden sandy shores before you were discarded to ruin by incompetence, bad governments and your own residents that have deserted you to the wrath of time without mercy.

Maybe one day, the Hellenes will wake up from their long sleep and embellish you once again with sweet-scented laurel and the lost glory you so deserve… but sadly, I also remember Agia Sophia and Constantinople including Asia Minor! Like you, they have all fallen victims to Turkish-Muslim brutality and Greek ineptitude; and bad politicians who have chosen not to protect you but abandoned you to the history of chaos!

But do not despair my Varoshia… because miracles sometimes do happen! When? That, I cannot foretell… and neither can I tell you! But, let’s hope it would become sooner than later…

Andreas C Chrysafis


July 25, 2021