Greek-American Stories: Mourning Becomes Yiannis

Αssociated press

(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, File)

Yiannis eagerly asked his buddies in Dixon’s,“Did any of you read last Sunday’s National Herald?”Dimos and John nodded. Kipreos asked, “Why do you ask?” Whipping out the edition, he indicated one article in particular.“Listen to this; ‘Andrew Pappas, a recluse, died at age 89. Lived on 79th Street, no known living relations,never married or had children. The landlady calledthe police and reported,‘Quiet guy, a loner. Paid his rent on time!’“So?” George asked. Yiannis smiled like the Cheshire cat.”Notice we have the same last name? We could be related.” George grew suspicious.“Yeah...

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