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Mariana Boneva: “Life Loves Me”

Mariana Boneva received her MD from Varna University in Bulgaria and went on to Germany to specialize in orthopedic surgery. After being in a terrible car accident with her Greek husband, Ivan Demetrius, she transferred to dermatology to save her face from the 28 deep stitches that were needed. Looking at herself in the mirror at the time, she was ready to jump through the window. But life had more challenges to offer her. “You have cancer,” is the dire prognosis that weakens our inner strength and brings us into full-blown mental distress. And Mariana was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The National Herald: What was your first reaction to the cancer diagnosis?

Mariana Boneva: After the immense shock, I first had to treat my plethora of thoughts about cancer. I had to heal them so I could manage my disease with optimism, wisdom, and love.

TNH: So you can choose your thoughts.

MB: Yes, thoughts are just possibilities that are only powerful if you identify with them. We are the only thinkers in our minds, and we can choose if our thoughts are going to be to our benefit or not.

TNH: What led you to your doctor and the hospital?

MB: For the first time in my life, I was on the opposite side of a doctor-patient relationship. I experienced to my core what suffering -because of health issues- really is.

Most of the people given such a prognosis ask: “WHY ME?” It makes them angry, and they pity themselves. Instead, they should take this only as a lesson to truly learn.

TNH: What was their treatment method?

MB: The surgeon asked for an MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, Pet-scan, and blood check-ups. I was clear, nothing elsewhere apart from the right breast.

But the biopsy went wrong, and the lump spread, so on my second MRI, a few particles were dispersed in my lymph nodes.

That made the doctors diagnose me with cancer stage I. The standard protocol for this is: lumpectomy or mastectomy, four chemotherapies, radiation, and five years of suppressing-hormone therapy.

TNH: Did you doubt them at any time, and if so, why?

MB: I knew that it's NOT cancer, I knew how it happened and why, so I did my own thing.

TNH: What was your personalized healing method?

MB: It doesn’t only have to do with me being a doctor, but I chose not to doubt my instincts and natural powers to deal with everything necessary.

I went on my tailor-made program of healing. I lovingly cooperated with my body to cleanse it, renew it and make it younger and healthier.

It was not easy, but it was a beautiful experience, in which I came out as a winner.

TNH: What would you advise others in similar situations?

MB: When God sends us a sign, it is not to punish us but to make us dig in deeply and see where we went wrong, and our body responded accordingly.

I found more than five reasons which could have caused it. I transformed my daily routine, diet, stress habits, and went on my personalized cure-all happiness project.

TNH: How were your work hours in the past, and how has your life changed now? Do you make time for what’s essential?

MB: It's fascinating how my inner voice and mental self-control led me to do everything right, skipping the mastectomy and the rest of the protocol I was involved in and be healthier than ever. My precious time now is only for what’s truly important in the further development of my soul. My excruciating 14-hours, 7-days a week work schedule is long gone.

My dream after this eye-opening experience is to be part of a health clinic, helping people approach holistically (mind, body, and spirit) their health issues, and transforming their minds and bodies. Any life change we desire begins with us.

It's pretty simple:  Firstly, you are what you think you are. Secondly, you are what you eat and drink. Thirdly, you are loved and liked equally to the level you love and like yourself. And that should be the starting point of any kind of life-transformation. It's eminently important how deeply you can assimilate and realize this formula. Sometimes if it gets too tricky, you have to find the right person to guide you.

TNH: How has the coronavirus affected your work?

MB: Offices were closed in Manhattan, so I have been working online, giving free consultations on how to boost your immune system.

TNH: What are the precautions we should be taking to boost our immune?

MB: Walking outside for at least 2 hours a day to increase the natural synthesis of vitamin D. Emphasize on a diet rich in antioxidants – fruits, vegetables, and a good quality protein.

Take refreshing showers, changing the water temperature to speed up the lymph flow in the body.

Meditate to reduce the stress that blocks the immune.

TNH: Does self-awareness give you the ability to question your thoughts so that you can update your mind?

MB: When you realign your thinking and feel lovable, you experience a world that loves you, because the world is a mirror. And vice-versa. When you feel inadequate, inadequacy, you will receive. The myth of incompetence has nothing to do with our true nature. It is a learned unworthiness.

TNH: After your grim diagnosis by doing inner work, you started to tune into the rhythm of life. You became easier on yourself. Did life reciprocate by getting easier on you?

MB: Indeed, life rewarded me beyond science and my doctor’s expectations, but not beyond my own. And this was the key to my cure: My undoubted belief and projection of a healthy self. If you find fear, meet it with love.

TNH: How self-critical are you?

MB: I let go of my old limiting beliefs. There are no limits once we manage that. I stopped beating myself and filled the void with pure love.

TNH: After this shocking experience, how present are you?

 MB: Totally. I am acknowledging my power. I have completely stepped out of the unrest of the victim role and have woken up from the sleep of the daily unconscious. I am eager to heal my future.

TNH: Do you now trust your inner wisdom? How open are you to spirituality?

I always trust and abide by my inner wisdom. This is something that you don’t learn but bring it with you. We are infused with it. It is profoundly affirming and supportive.

Spirituality is all about aligning with your inner-self, listening from within, and living in synchronization with it.

TNH: What roles do self-love and letting life love you, play in your life?

MB: I treat myself with reverence and love. I cradle me, and life follows suit. Love dissolves grievances before they turn to poison. Love heals you quicker than a wound appears. Until you forgive, you will keep giving your future to the past.

TNH: So you are not changing yourself, but you are changing your mind about yourself?

MB: Yes, because I am living proof that “Life loves me. UNCONDITIONALLY!”

And for my claim to hold weight, you just have to look at my recent, all-clear, baby-like results.

As for my lump? It is gone!


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