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Letter to the Editor: Trump, GOP Presidents Not Very Good; How about FDR?

To the Editor:

I am tired of reading in column after column Constantinos E. Scaros’ praise of President Trump; how well he is doing and how he walks on water.

Let me tell him about past Republican presidents: Reagan, who in 1980 went to a cemetery in Germany where SS officers were buried and paid homage; “Watergate” Nixon, who had a black list against his critics;

George “WMDs” Bush, who sent men and women to fight and get killed and maimed in Iraq, when he in 1968 joined the Texas Air National Guard to avoid combat in Vietnam. When he dies, those killed and maimed will be his judge and jury.

To sum it up, these clowns – Trump, Reagan, Nixon, and Bush – couldn’t tie FDR’s (Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s) shoelaces.

Andy Lampros
Danvers, MA


Editor’s Reply:

Dear Mr. Lampros:

Thank you for your letter. The National Herald welcomes divergent points of view as that creates a lively marketplace of ideas for the benefit of our readers. In that spirit, I respond as follows:

The challenge is to find good in every president; finding fault is easy. Watch, as I discuss your chosen president of praise, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: first of all, he wanted to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to fifteen, so that he could pack the court with his handpicked “yes” men.

Second, though he certainly elevated morale in the U.S., which was very low due to the Great Depression, he prolonged the Depression through an artificially engineered, government-driven economy. Had he simply stepped out of the way, the economy would have recovered on its own, through free market forces, and would not have had to wait over a decade for WWII production in order to rebound.

Third, he dropped the ball on Pearl Harbor and though, to his credit, marshalled an effective plan of war, he gave away far too much to Joseph Stalin at Yalta. In fact, were it not for how the spoils were divided after WWII, there would have been no Cold War, no need for the United States to interfere in the Middle East so as to outmaneuver Russia, probably meaning there would have been no Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War, or 9/11.

Fourth, Roosevelt was infamous during WWII for detaining persons – including U.S. citizens – not only of Japanese descent, but also of German and Italian descent (though much of today’s politically correct media won’t mention the latter two nationalities, because they are “white Christian European”), in internment camps. That’s right: your FDR jailed people because of their race and nationality.

Finally, he was a notorious adulterer.

See how easy it is to criticize?

How about, instead, we find something supportive to say about our presidents? All our presidents. As I have done in this column about Donald Trump the past two years and Barack Obama in the eight years before that.

Constantinos E. Scaros
Contributing Editor


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