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Letter to the Editor & Reply: Scaros’ Kavanaugh Piece Goes Beyond the Pale

To the Editor:

Where to start with Constantinos Scaros’ latest op-ed piece, “Lessons to be Learned about the Kavanaugh Hearings?”

As a second-generation Greek-American, I have become accustomed to hearing beliefs that, to put it politely, do not accord with the norms of accepted opinion. That is okay, not everyone has to agree with the New York Times. Mr. Scaros is a Trump supporter? Again, fine; a healthy civic space can tolerate disagreement.

His latest production, however, is beyond the pale. It is offensive and embarrassing to me as a father, husband, and proud Hellene. Momentarily leaving aside that the compositional device of enumeration of talking points, oops, “lessons,” is best left to sixth graders entreating their parents for a new iPhone, his description of men and women as separate species, and their comparison to bulls and cows defies belief. It neither folksy nor authentic; simply stupid and asinine. One can be partisan without being a benighted idiot.

Mr. Scaros has spent too much time among the cow patties of rural Pennsylvania. They, and not the readers of The National Herald, are the proper audience for his ruminations. Stop giving this clown a platform.

Nicholas King

Brooklyn, NY



Dear Mr. King:
Thank you for your letter.

Both personally and on behalf of the Herald, I welcome thoughts from our readers. Of course, it is always nice to hear words of support (such as “Reader Appreciates Scaros Op-Ed Pieces,” Sept. 15), but critical comments are valuable in their own right, as they enrich the intellectual discourse, and, to use your own words, “a healthy civic space can tolerate disagreement.”

It is unfortunate, then, that rather than provide a cordial, reasoned counterargument to my piece, you unleashed a barrage of put-downs.

Curiously, you say the piece offends you as a…Hellene and you also mention President Trump, even though my piece is about neither.
If you’ll indulge my speculation, let me guess: you’re not a Trump supporter? That too is fine, but I’m not sure the irony isn’t lost on you: far too many detractors of our president so closely replicate his polemic tone. When you forewent the opportunity for thoughtful debate, instead using words like “stupid,” “asinine,” “idiot,” and “clown” to describe me, that was quintessentially Trumpian of you.

Lastly, your quip about the “cow patties of rural Pennsylvania” smells of urban elitism. Born and raised in the center of New York, Manhattan, I will always consider myself a proud New Yorker, but I am also honored to call the great people of Central Pennsylvania my friends and neighbors. And I’m a big fan of the cows too: unlike some humans, they’ve never said an unkind word about anyone.

Constantinos E. Scaros
Contributing Editor


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