Letter from Athens: Murder Most Foul in Greece, The Coldest Cruelty

June 27, 2021

When 33-year-old helicopter pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos untearfully confessed to killing his 20-year-old wife, Caroline Crouch, reportedly because she was going to leave him and take their one-year-old daughter with him, everyone in Greece just knew he did it, not three men he said invaded their Athens home.

Just like everyone in Boston knew Charles Stuart killed his eight-month pregnant wife, Carol DiMaiti Stuart in 1989, not a black man with a raspy voice he said forced his way into their car and shot her in the head, Stuart only in the stomach.

Both tales were fabricated, police in both cities said after investigations proved the accounts were made up, Stuart's so that he could cash in her life insurance policy and live the high life, free of the commitment of being a married man and a father he didn't want to be.

In both cases, there were manhunts for the fictitious killers, the ice cold blooded murder of Crouch, a British-Filipino who had reportedly been in a relationship with Anagnostopoulos when she was a minor, the conditions unknown.

Stuart jumped to his death off the Mystic River Bridge in Boston when his story unraveled, and his brother, who was an accomplice in what he thought was insurance fraud but not a murder, told police what really happened.

Too bad the police got to Anagnostopoulos before he could find a bridge to jump off and rid the world of another evil person who concocted the story that he had been tied up while the gang he said took 15,000 euros ($17,874) and jewelry after he told them where it was.

The incident, in which the family dog was killed, riveted Greek society and police started to look for the men who never existed until the truth came out when the helicopter pilot forgot he was wearing a smart watch that tracked his movements and showed him walking around while he said he was tied up.

“Everything was staged for the crime scene to look like the scene of a robbery,” Costas Hassiotis, Director of the greater Athens homicide division told reporters, adding that the suspect had tied his own hands and those of his dead wife.

The confessed killer was led in handcuffs and a bulletproof vest to an Athens court where his lawyer told reporters his client had confessed and said he was sorry he killed his wife, apparently in front of their infant daughter.

When the story broke, the New Democracy government offered a 300,000-euro ($357,483) reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer so look for Anagnostopoulos to try to collect it.

Their daughter was unharmed, but the family dog was found choked to death on a leash, hanging from a staircase rail, authorities said, but no report whether he felt remorse for killing the animal too.

People always think they're smarter than cops who are almost always smarter as they were in this case, with technological evidence showing she was suffocated to death in a six-minute struggle with her husband who overcame her although she was said to be a black belt in kickboxing.

It was a slow, vicious, agonizing death perpetrated by a man without a heart, soul, or conscience, suffocating the mother of his child while the daughter was in the house.

Hassiotis said an examination of mobile devices, a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor used by Crouch, and cameras, had established a timeline that contradicted with the pilot’s testimony, the Associated Press said.

Hassiotis said forensic experts established the time a memory card had been removed from a security camera, adding to the evidence against the pilot, begging the question how this guy could fly a helicopter if he couldn't figure out how to use a smart watch.

Their daughter, Lydia will grow up without either parent, custody given to one of the two sets of grandparents.

Anagnostopoulos was taken into custody after authorities summoned him for questioning while he was attending a memorial service for Crouch on the Aegean Sea island of Alonissos, where she grew up and where her parents lived.

The investigation was said to have found the two exchanged abusive text messages while he was with their daughter in the living room and she in the attic, like a horror story but real.

Besides being tripped up by the step-counting app on his cellphone which showed him walking around and not tied up, her smartwatch showed how long it took her to stop breathing.

What adds to this insanity are photos of him looking like he was out for a walk in the park and just happens to be wearing a bullet proof vest while accompanied by police, the precaution over the worry someone might try to take a shot instead of suffocating him in retributive justice.

There should be a special place in hell for this kind of person except it's already overflowing with the cruel and the callous and psychopathic who all have the same kind of look: indifference.

In a May 16 post on Instagram – five days after he admitted her killed her – Anagnostopoulos uploaded an undated photograph of the couple on a trip to Portugal for a wedding photoshoot, writing: “Always together. Farewell, my love.” How cold is that?


The trial and execution of the ex-Royalist politicians and military (also known as Trial of the six) in November 1922 led to Great Britain severing its diplomatic ties with Greece for a short time.

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