Kosterina Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil Impresses with Fresh Taste

March 24, 2020

NEW YORK – Greek extra virgin olive oil is well-known for being the best in the world for its taste and its health benefits. One Greek brand, Kosterina, made a great impression on the taster at Best Products website, food editor Danielle St. Pierre, a self-professed “lover of olives and firm believer that your EVOO [extra virgin olive oil] should be drinkably good.”

She wrote, “As a food editor, I’ve been to my fair share of olive oil tastings, pairing dinners, and events. In fact, some of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had were tied to the ridiculously good bottle of EVOO on the table. It’s a household staple for home cooks, and yet using the right olive oil can make or break any dish. It should be treated as the centerpiece of a meal. It should be really good.”

Kosterina, founded by Katerina Mountanos and named with a combination of her husband’s name Kosta and her own, Katerina, according to the company’s website. Both of their families are from the Peloponnese region, her family from Koroni and his from Laconia, and both families produced their own olive oil for generations. After starting their own family, Katerina decided to bring an authentic, premium Greek extra virgin olive oil to the American table. The company, according to the article on Best Products, is based in New York.

Kosterina is made with the Koroneiki variety of olives which produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil with an exceptionally high polyphenol count and a light fruity flavor.

St. Pierre wrote in her review that “when I cracked open my bottle of Kosterina, the first thing I noticed was the intensely fresh, sharp aroma. It smells like you’re walking through an olive grove. This olive oil also tastes just as fresh as it smells. I tasted earthy, grassy notes and a slightly acidic hint of citrus. These flavors were amplified when I used this as a finishing oil on white pizza and drizzled atop minestrone soup. This EVOO is definitely best used as a finishing oil for salads, soups, pizza, and pasta or as a dip served alongside crusty bread.”

Kosterina extra virgin olive oil is available online: kosterina.com where fans can also sign up for a subscription service.

The site also offers tasty recipes in the Kosterina Kitchen section.


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