Kofinas Fertility Group Opens New Manhattan Center

February 27, 2017

NEW YORK – Dozens of colleagues, relatives, and friends attended the celebration of the opening of the Kofinas Fertility Group’s new fertility center in the heart of Manhattan on Friday, February 24.

The center is located at 55 Central Park West, across from Central Park and about a block away from Lincoln Center. The state of the art facility features the latest equipment and a soothing decor. Even the lighting and the color scheme create a welcoming atmosphere. The expert fertility care offered by Kofinas Fertility Group is summed up by their slogan “start thinking of baby names.”

Dr. George Kofinas, Founder and Medical Director of the group, and his son Dr. Jason Kofinas, director of the new center, welcomed the guests at the opening.

Dr. George Kofinas is Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, considered among the best in the world. He has also been listed among New York Magazine’s Best Doctors for the last two decades.

“We opened the center to offer treatments to patients in Manhattan suffering from infertility. It is our third comprehensive center and started-up three months ago and is opening tonight. We have two more centers, one in Brooklyn and one in Staten Island and decided to open the center to offer services to our patients from Manhattan who were traveling to our Brooklyn location,” said Dr. George Kofinas.

Referring to the center, he said that “it is completely integrated. We have laboratories and operating rooms where we can carry out the necessary procedures. We have the diagnostic capability and make on the spot all the tests and exams for those seeking treatment for infertility to discover the problem and the cure.”

As for the center’s interior design, Dr. Kofinas explained that it improves the psychological mood of the patients. “The psychological factor in these conditions is crucial, since women facing such problems often suffer from depression because they believe that they can never become parents. We try to create an environment that boosts confidence and helps the fertility process, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the raising of a healthy child.

And of course many return to have a second and third child. The second and third time is much easier because we know very well the condition, problems, and the best way to address them.”

Dr. Kofinas continued, “Our philosophy is to make the patient’s life easier and reducing the time it took to come to the Center. We had too many patients from Manhattan who were struggling to get to Brooklyn each morning, so we decided to create the center in Manhattan.”

“As a fully integrated center, it has offices, examination rooms, surgery, and labs where we can collect eggs, then perform egg fertilization and embryo creation. This center is not as big as the one in Brooklyn, but is a boutique center that offers high quality services to a certain number of patients. We created an attractive environment which contributes to the patients’ emotional well-being and self-esteem,” he added.

Asked about the number of group employees, Dr. Kofinas said, “In the three centers, we employ 62 people including five doctors, a large number of nurses, assistant nurses, and more. In the laboratory, we have a large number of embryologists. We always hire the best, because when surrounded by capable people the result will be the best possible.”

“In our specialty, we are judged by results, and we are the best fertility center in New York with patients coming from Europe, Asia, Latin America and around the world for treatment,” Dr. Kofinas observed.

More information about the Kofinas Fertility Group is available online at www.kofinasfertility.com.


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