Kiki’s Apologies, etc.

Due to the deluge of letters I received (about three) complaining about the last article I’d written titled, The Best and Whorst Candidates, where I named Morris instead of Alan Best at the end, I wish to apologize. We can place some of the blame on my editor who didn’t notice it in time before printing. (Or so he claims.)  I suspect the real reason is because he’s worried I might one day receive the New York Times award for best writing instead of him.

Being politically astute, I was trying to expose the character of those we, the voting public, are expected to choose as president who will run our country, hopefully with honor and dignity. It won’t be the first time we get to choose between Frick n’ Frack, either. Once, there was Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Of course, there must have been reliable candidates who have run for president who really sounded like they had our interests at heart, who doesn’t believe he alone, “calls the shots.” And, who does not ignore that it it’s supposed to be a government, “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Even as president, when things get tough, it can be that wives have influence in some of the proposals a president places before Congress.

For instance, Nancy Reagan, seeing that her husband was having a tough time, between naps, trying to decide whether to invite a certain dignitary to the White House, or if his plane trip to Great Britain would arrive safely, worried, and she came up with an excellent idea. She told him she’d take care of it. Quickly, she called in astrologist, Joan Quigley, who provided guidance to the Reagans for seven of the eight years in office, giving unearthly advice in making sure his plane schedules were safe, being assured on political matters going before Congress and intuiting whether the dignitary expected wasn’t going to be a problem. The president and first lady were confident that they were in proficient hands. Remember Tony Martin’s song, It was written in the Stars? But, what happened on the day Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated by Hinkley and a senator got it instead? Either she didn’t do her homework or it was foggy that night. Talk about bloopers!

Remember when President Jimmy Carter was a victim of a “killer rabbit attack?” On April 20, 1979, while in a boat a swamp rabbit swam toward the Carter boat, struggling, nearly overturning it. He fought hard to counter attack the critter with his oar.

I like the benevolent, kind hearted and sensitive, George W. Bush’s remark to a woman who told him she worked three jobs. He said, “you work three jobs? Uniquely American! I mean, that’s fantastic that you do that.” She was a divorced mother of three young kids. Couldn’t he have asked her when she found the time to sleep?

Aristotle would have finished off a bottle of ouzo had he heard the philosophical, wise President George W. Bush inform the world, “I know that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully together.” (Sorry, Aristotle; Bush got to the bottle first.)

So, I just want to say, in closing, that, hey!, everyone makes ‘bloopers’, usually everyone else, I mean. But, my article was sent erroneously due to me being absentminded and placing the wrong article instead of the corrected version on the flash drive. (This, in addition to the oversight by my editor.) We love you, Dean. In fact, I’d vote for you for president, anytime.


JANUARY 22ND: On this day in 1788, Lord Byron (née George Gordon Byron), the famous philhellene, poet, and satirist, was born in London, England.

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