Greek-American Stories: Miracles by Accident

By Phyllis (Kiki) Sembos

Stirring his coffee with impatience, Dimos watched the entrance of Dixon’s for George to make his entrance. Only through him would they learn the details about Yiannis’ accident, their wives being good friends. “I wonder what’s keeping him,” John watched the entrance, sitting beside Kipreos. “Was the accident serious, do you know?” Dimos shrugged. “I don’t know. I only know that Yiannis was taken to the emergency room late Friday night;that he’d had a bad fall down the stairs of his apartment building. He hit his head.Got a bump the size of an ostrich egg. That’s all I heard. In a panic, Areti phoned George.” Finally, they looked up at the entrance and with relief, witnessed George coming in. They watched and waited until he got his coffee and then, anxiously awaited his report. “Well, George? What’s the news?”

“He’s home and ok; Areti and I were in the emergency room for hours – waiting for the X-rays and Sonogram results,then, there was blood work and, finally, meeting with the doctor while we waited for Yiannis to get dressed so we could take him home.  Areti asked the doctor if he’d be well enough and beas normal as before the accident and be walking around. We waitedas the doctor, who was confident, gave his opinion on the patient’s prognosis. But, I doubted the doctor’s prognosis for Yiannis.” Kipreos, Dimos and John looked up at George, baffled. “What do you mean; you doubt the doctor’s prognosis? Do you think Yiannis will not be well? “Oh, he’ll be up and normal – for Yiannis, I mean. But, I believe that the doctor was too optimistic with his forecast. That’s because he doesn’t know Yiannis like we do.”

Growing impatient, John asked him, “You’re not optimistic about his recovery?I don’t mean to offend you but I think that a doctor would know a little better than you, George, about Yiannis’ recovery.” George assured, “I’m sure he’ll recover. In fact, he’s already up and around, giving orders to Areti and Barbara, demanding what he wanted for dinner and making sure he’s the one in charge. That’s how I left him. But, the doctor doesn’t know him like we do. I don’t agree with the prognosis.” Dimos shook his head. “George, please be more direct. Do you believe that his head injury was worse than the doctor suspected?  After all, he’d had every test available. And, you heard the results. Now, you say that the doctor doesn’t know Yiannis like we do. What did the doctor say that you don’t agree with?” George leaned back in his seat and explained. “Areti and I sat as the doctor went through all the results and then told her not to worry at all. He told her he’d be completely well and on his feet soon. In fact, he told us, he’d be well enough to go back to work as soon as he wants.”

After that positive testimony they all looked confused. Dimos said, “Well, that’s very good news, George. I’m sure Areti was glad to hear that. What’s there to be concerned about? It sounds good to me.” Kipreos added, “Looks like Yiannis will be his old self.” John nodded, “That’s right!” George, setting down his coffee, told them, “I’m concerned about Areti.Suddenly, she became delusionary. She was so happy to hear the doctor’s assurances that Yiannis will be well enough to go back to work, she jumped up and down and yelled, ‘Praise the Lord!’ It’s a miracle!” Dimos said, “What’s wrong with that?” George explained, “There’s a limit on miracles! Yiannis never worked a day in his life!”


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